This site was established and installed to further educate the Christian Community about Biblical events especially as the world is fast rushing the Rapture of the Church age. Milions of our people do not know or understand where we are in God's calendar, and they think there's still time. but on coming developments daily inform that the end of the Church age is just around the corner, so there's every need for us to create more awareness about the second coming Jesus. 


We should use all tools and weapons around us to create this awareness so that

our people would not be trapped in ignorance and perish with the world. Though there are thousands of sites out there, teaching about these things, some with the right message and some with the erronous views, my own contribution is highly needed to further strengten these things. 


If you are reading through this site and through all our sites, you will discover that we have a better way of interpreting the scriptures to it's letter and stand point. Continue for we have you in mind and want to make you make it to the Rapture of the Church, when Jesus stands on air for us.

God bless you richly.



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