When we talk about the red sea miracles what do we mean? We mean the miracles which took place at the Red sea, as the children of Israel were at the shores of the red sea. There was not only one miracle but many. God had shown the first world power Egypt that this world belonged to him. If you are in doubt how Egypt was the first world power, kindly visit and see “Israel installed the seven world powers 1&2”. Or and see “The seven world powers”. Therefore sit back and enjoy the topic as we proceed. 


As the children of Israel were released by force as God informed Moses, they reached the red sea and after a while, the Egyptians repented from releasing these people. They pursued them back and saw them being stopped by the red sea. As they came nearer, the children of Israel began to shout on the man of God Moses. They said “Is this not the word we told you in Egypt saying, leave us alone that we might serve them”? a place where we were eating onions and Cucumber?

Others asked Moses saying “Is it because there were no graves in Egypt that you have brought all of us out to kill us here in the wilderness”? They all began to shout on Moses, and he summoned courage and said to them “Fear you not, be still and see the Salvation of the Lord, for the Egyptians you are seeing today, you shall see them again no more” Ex.14.

As for the children of Israel at that time, they were experts in murmuring, and I believe they have learned their lessons before now. They should have learned their lessons now, so that they do not murmur again but face the reality of using faith to ask anything from their God.  Of course now that they are a sovereign nation, they would no longer continue murmuring. Yes, they have now understood that God is with them.

 Now at the red sea, the Egyptians saw them near the red sea and tried to rush them as at before. The children of Israel seeing them near shouted upon Moses, and as Moses called on the Lord, God asked him saying “What is in your hand Moses”? And he answered “Rod”. The Lord commanded him to raise his rod upon the red sea and divide it. As Moses was trying to do what he heard from the Lord, two miracles took place at the same time.


  1. The Lord came between the Egyptians and the children of Israel; with darkness upon the Egyptians and with Light for the children of Israel. These two miracles took place at the same time and at the same place, Glory! When darkness covered the Egyptians, they could not see the children of Israel again, because it happened on a day that automatically became a night.
  2. The other miracles followed up immediately at the same spot.  When Moses lifted up his hand and divided the waters, about four or more miracles again took place there. 1. The water became a pillar on the right and on the left. 2. The source of the waters ceased from flowing again. 3. The debt of the sea rose up for them to crossed as if it was a highway. 4. The shores of the waters became dry immediately for their use, Glory! Glory!! Halleluiah. 

The children of Israel began to cross the red sea being no longer afraid. They entered the sea and were crossing without pursuit again. Now they were walking in the midst of the sea as if they were matching on the normal ground. The waters stilled obeyed them as they were walking in the midst of it. Its walls became a pillar on the left and on the right.

The stoppage of the source from flowing was a wonder in practice, a thing that was not recorded or a miracle unheard of in the history of the world. Of course God is the ultimate creative intelligence from where everything flows out. Imagine the time when these people would use to cross this sea with their young and Cattles, to the other side of the shores of the red sea. It meant a great time passed away.

Then when they were nearly clean passed the red sea, God informed Moses to be ready to perform the word he said to the children of Israel saying “The Egyptians you are seeing today, you shall see them again no more”. And he became ready. God then removed the darkness from the Egyptians and they saw the Israelites as they were nearly crossed the red sea; and with mad rush as if they would eat them like how a Cat bounces on a Rat, they pursued them with haste into the sea. As they came to the center of the sea, and there was no going back, something happened.

Again God said to Moses, “Raise your rod again and close the water upon these people”.  Moses struck the pillars back and you could imagine seeing how the waters returned back as if it were hungry to eat. The waters returned with full strength upon the Egyptians, and their horses and their chariots began to be heavy in the midst of the red sea. This was another side of miracle against the Egyptians and in favor for Israel.

Now you can see that a miracle could be against one or many, and as well as in favor of one or many also. Guess that some of the Egyptians may have thought to leave the chariots and their horses to run with legs from the sea, how possible?  The shores again became so porous that the chariots and the horses got stuck and drowned in the red sea. Even if the shores of the red sea were so dry before, they would turn porous just to defend Israel.  


Before all these things in Egypt, there were miracles which were against the Egyptians and miracles which were in favor of Israel. For example, when Moses struck Egypt with flies, the magicians of Egypt also produced flies and increased their plague. They were challenging Moses that what he could do, they also could do it if he thought he was doing miracle.

By so doing every part of Egypt were filled with flies. It was in Pharaoh’s house, it was in the houses of his servants and soldiers. Everywhere in Egypt was filled with flies. It pasted on their cups, plates and pots. It was on their beds, it was even attacking them that they could use their hands to close their mouths. Some of these flies were pasting on their food.

But the miracle of in favor was that throughout Egypt these flies were there except in Goshen which was in Ramses. There was no single fly in the city of Goshen where they dwelled. Was that not miracle in favor? Even when Frog was commanded by Moses in the land of Egypt as a plague, their magicians also produced more Frogs into the city to increase their problems.

Everything Moses commanded was also produced by their magicians. Pharaoh himself was showing to Moses that he could do whatever he did, if that was his problem. Even earlier when Moses threw down his rod to the ground, and his rod turned to snake in the presence of Pharaoh, he called in his own magicians to do the same for Moses and it was done.

And all the magicians threw their rods to the ground and all their rods also turned to snakes in the sight of Moses and Aaron. But before Pharaoh the rod of Moses opened its mouth and began to swallow all the snakes of Egypt one after another. Yet it did not mean anything to Pharaoh, and he still hardened his heart. This was another miracle of against and in favor.

By the swallowing of all the Egyptian snakes, the power of Egypt was taken from them unawares. That was another miracle though not many people knew about it. This was a spiritual takeover of power from Egypt. Of course you know that Egypt was the first world power. You have earlier red about them in the two sites. These miracles were following Israel as they are called after God, or instead God is named after their name Israel.

The creator himself said “I’m the God of Israel or the Holy one of Israel” Isa. 43:14. Now go throughout the book of Isaiah and discover that God named himself after Israel which is Jacob. The Psalmist said that “God made the promise to Abraham, his oath was unto Isaac but he confirmed it in Jacob” Ps.105:8-11, so God the creator is called “the God of Israel” don’t be jealous about it, there’s nothing you can do about it.

God bless.  



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The Church today is faced with a difficult task, and she has been confused of whom to follow on end time events.  The mark of the Beast is one thing that has received many interpretations. For the view called “Pre tribulation theory” which believes that the Church shall be removed from the earth through Rapture, before the appearance of the Antichrist, they say that the mark of the beast is 666.

But for the view called “Post tribulation belief” which believes that  the Church shall see both the great tribulation and the antichrist, which was the teaching of Jesus, Paul and all prophets and disciples, the mark of the Beast is not 666 and it’s not out yet.


All over the net there seems to be different suggestions as to what the mark of the Beast is. But as a person who is committed with the end time events, to explain and expose the mark of the Beast, it is not 666. Let’s read from the Bible, and not to take what men had proposed from their own minds.

First of all I want to show you the erroneous reason of 666 as the mark of the Beast from Pre tribulation teaching. The Bible presents three options to be the options from the Beast, 1. the mark of the Beast, 2. the name of the Beast and 3. the number of his name Rev. 13:17.  These three options are coming from the same person but they are all unique from each other and they are not the same. Then why do you use the mark of the Beast for the number of his name? Each of them is different from the other.

The mark is different from the name of the Beast. The name of the Beast is another option from the number of his name. One would be made to take just an option from these three.

The mark of the Beast as at now is not yet, as we are in the 8th month of the year 2017. But it could be out at any time. This mark will be drawn just like a tattoo on the hand or on the forehead etc, which shall be printed on the recipient. Even those who have tattoos on their bodies might be included as people who have taken the mark of the Beast.

Those who have tattoos on their bodies should ask for special grace of God, if they have given their lives to Christ as their personal lord and savior. The reason is not farfetched: the Bible says “That he might present it to himself a glorious Church, not having spot or wrinkle or blemish” Eph. 5:27.

Tattoo is a blemish on the body of any individual. A spot is a blemish as well as wrinkle. So it will take a special grace of God for such person/s to be taken up in the Rapture of the Church. But people with natural spot, wrinkle or blemish on their bodies shall not stand in danger, only those who gave themselves these spots, because it is a devilish mark.

The Bible said “that he might present the Church to himself, a glorious church having no spot, wrinkle or blemish” Eph.5:27. So tattoos, spot or wrinkles given by individuals might stand in as the mark of the Beast as at now, not that the mark is 666.    

Therefore if anyone is saying that the mark of the Beast is out or that it is 666, such person/s lacks the real knowledge of this program.  Instead the name of the Beast is explained through the letters of the Pope’s crown, which is “Vicarius Filii Dei, from where the number of his name 666 was seen and calculated.

This number is on the Pope’s crown as at now and it is the reasons many people are saying that the Pope is the Antichrist. In the book of Rapture, I said though the Pope has the exact number of his name, the Pope is not the major antichrist. The main antichrist shall come from Greece though from Europe.

To be sure about the details, get the book of Rapture with title, “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”, this book is loaded with information which you may not have heard of before, just obtain it. You can Google it and purchase it from there with a little token.

Knowledge should cost you something, especially scriptural one that could save you from eternal danger. But here it is a little token not too costly, about $9.99 to obtain the eBook. We spend huge amount daily on earthly pleasures, thousands and millions but when it comes to knowing the Bible we because too wise to spend a little token to gain real understanding of Biblical events.

That’s why God has said “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hos. 4:6. Yes when it comes to obtaining Biblical knowledge we always go only for the free events, articles or books, if it costs a small amount we abandon it. This is lack of knowledge indeed.

But God has graciously informed us in the Bible that the name of the Beast should give us his number 666. He then said let the person with understanding do the calculation Rev. 13:18. This number has been calculated and that it is the number of a man. So we made serious effort to know the man and also made sure of his number.

You can search for the number of his name in our sister site http://www.inspirationblogging,com. We have also uploaded his cashless society system in another sister site     









We will define open heaven as a direct revelation of heaven to a person. It is also a unique show of heaven or about the Glory of God to someone.  To better understand it, we use the case of Evang. Stephen as a case study Acts. 7. Stephen saw heaven opened to him and he saw the son of man whom Jesus Christ is standing up to welcome him when he was being stoned by his own people for rebuking their stony hearth and unbelief.

Open heaven has to do with God’s goodness to an individual who proved him/herself to him.  No one makes it possible by him or herself, no, it is done by God himself. 

When we say or talk about open heaven, it does not mean that heaven is opened for every individual to see, no, it is opened to a specific person whose love for God has been proved by God.

When Evang. Stephen saw the open heaven, he said it saying, “I see heaven opened and the Son of man standing at the right hand of majesty on high”, and those who were stoning him heard it from him but they did not see the open heaven.

This is a powerful mystery. How heaven will be opened to someone among the crowed, and this crowed would gaze into heaven at the same time to see it, but it would be closed to them while the other is seeing it open. When this crowed fail to see the heaven opened, they would immediately conclude that this individual is mad.  Even at the same time that Stephen was saying that he saw heaven opened, and the crowed could not see the open heaven, the Bible said “they closed their ears”.

Heaven opened for a General of the kingdom of heaven coming home. Heaven opened to a champion of the kingdom coming home.  God saw everything by himself, and he didn’t stop those stoning him, instead he opened heaven to welcome him home.

And again to free himself and those who were stoning him, he charged God not to count this sin on them.  Stephen did as Christ did, saying “father forgive them, for they know not what they were doing”.  We as Christians today are required to forgive our arch enemies even at the point of death, or else, you may not make it straight to the kingdom of heaven.

 Heaven has a standard which everyone aspiring to enter must fulfill or follow.  Unforgiving spirit does not go to anywhere called heaven. This spirit belongs to the kingdom of Darkness, so if there is anyone you refuse to forgive, then you are heading towards Hellfire straight.  If you are opportune to read this post, you are highly privileged; you can now make amends here on earth before it is late.    

Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. Those who are not prepared do not go heaven to prepare, for every preparation is done on earth. A popular secular musician in Nigeria, though dead said “They do not know the way to the kingdom of heaven”. Now nobody will show him the way from the dead, he will know it by himself; but here in Nigeria also we are preparing people for the same kingdom of heaven. We are creating serious awareness about the kingdom of heaven and the second coming of Christ. If anyone doesn’t know it, or doesn’t hear it, then he is to blame.

If you refuse to heed the warnings of God through his servants the prophets who are here on earth, when you die nobody will show you the way you rejected, but you will locate it and begin to go there alone.  If it leads you to Hellfire fine, if it leads you to heaven better. Your spirit will be going alone with no guide.





Although with Lazarus and the rich man, we do not say that Lazarus saw open heaven, no, instead he was translated into heaven when he died. He prepared himself well here for heaven and when he died, he was taken to heaven because no man goes there by him/herself. It is God’s prerogative to take someone to heaven or to hellfire.

But if one prepares himself very well here on earth, he or she would be taken to heaven at the time of death, very sure about that. God is not one that disappoints his own people or anyone at all.  Open heaven therefore is for God’s generals and champions who excelled in their lives here on earth.

You too can be god’s general and champion, if you allow the Holy Spirit who is here in the world today to help you, teach you and inspire you about the things of heaven. He is also Lord because he is the Spirit of the Lord 2Cor:3:17.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus.

In his lifetime when he came out from the water of river Jordan after his baptism by John, Jesus saw open heaven. As he was coming out the waters heaven open on him with a voice of his father acknowledging him Matt.3:16. Yes it’s not because he is the son of God but because he was mindful of what he came for. He prepared himself very well before coming, if not he would have missed the way because of the heaviness of our sins.

On another occasion heaven opened also and the voice of his father was heard again. This time the father said “This is my well beloved son in whom I’m well pleased, hear you him”. So anyone who pleases the father will see open heaven, because it is not peculiar to some people, no. The father is generous and does not discriminate at all.

He doesn’t have racial preference, nor cultural choice. Instead he gives us his own culture, and everyone must cue to it from all angles. The Bible didn’t tell us which nation was where Lazarus or the rich came from. But they found themselves one in hellfire and the other in heaven or Abraham’s bosom.

Abraham’s bosom could be said to be heaven. Yes we are sure that all children of God shall find themselves there where Abraham was for long.  Some people might not agree with me here. Well whether it’s in heaven or elsewhere, we will be where Abraham is.  Do you believe this? Or do you believe that Abraham is where as at now?, since he was a friend of God according to the bible.

In the case of Abraham he was the father of all nations according to God’s promise to him Gen.12:3. When he died, he was taken to his own bosom in the kingdom of God. This is what we believe and this kingdom is no other than heaven. It was promised to him that all the earth shall be blessed through him. Therefore those gave their lives to Christ today have become Abraham’s Children by faith, i.e who will come to Christ. But we say that open heaven even appeared to Abraham when he was here on earth. He heard from God on many occasions, even when God instructed him to leave his father’s house and the time God told him to use his only son Isaac for sacrifice. These were open heavens to him.

Open heaven can take place in many ways and in divers forms. Even when God speaks to an individual or prophet and what God says comes to pass, such could be called open heaven. Yes we believe it because no one can mechanize it by himself and it comes to pass.

So it was not only Stephen and Jesus that saw open heaven, a lot of God’s people had seen it including my humble self. Therefore strive to see it because it makes you God’s own. When you live a worthy life which is well pleasing to him, you will see an open heaven.

God bless.    









I COR. 16:1-2 ; Rom. 16:24-26



There was a daily distribution of foods and food items in the early Church at Jerusalem. Not only that, there was sharing of amenities among them. Those who had lands sold them and brought the money at the Apostles feet and sharing were made. This made the early Church peculiar.  Such things are not seen again today, as individuals now own Churches. But at that time the Church was headed by Apostles who appoint Pastors to take charge at certain Churches and pastor them.  The Church of Jesus Christ has only five fold ministry namely 1. Apostles,  2. Prophets, 3. Evangelists, 4. Pastors and 5. Teachers Eph. 4:11. This was the order in the Church of Christ wherever she was found in the early Church.  


The issue of Bishops in the Bible is a different case. The etymology of the word is in Greek “episcopos” meaning “Elder” in a local Church. Also in Latin it means “episcopus” also meaning nothing but “Elder” of a Church. Many people do not know how this office was established, including those who aspire to be ordained as Bishops and those already ordained. It was not among the five fold ministry but was founded by the Apostles. Bishops were appointed by the Apostles to Churches where there was no Pastor to Pastor the Church. For example, Paul instructed Titus his son in the Lord to look inside his Church, because Titus was the Pastor at the Cretian Church Titus 1:1-7. He told him to checkout for men of unquestionable character in his Church and ordains them as Bishops or Elders of the Church. That’s the meaning of Bishop, just Elders.  In a Church where there was a Pastor, Bishops were ordained to oversee the affairs of the Church. Then where there is a Pastor this ordination of Bishops in a local Church was to make the work easy for Pastors. They were ordained as group, not just one man.

They did not intend to establish a superior office above the Apostles, how much more the Pastors.   Also Pastor Timothy was given the same instructions by Paul. He said “if one desires the office of a Bishop, he desired a good one, but that a Bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife. A Bishop must be able to teach and having his children under him with all gravity” I tim.3. He said a Bishop must not be “a novice” and “Must” marry one wife. Today Rome’s Bishops do not marry and it is contrary to Biblical instructions for Bishops. In that order even the Pastors are involved in marrying one wife. And the so called Pentecostal Bishops are pursuing Rome bomber to bomber in titles, but go ahead to marry their wives.


The problem that brought Bishops to limelight above the Apostles of the Church of Christ today; is traceable to the Roman invasion of the Church and martyrdom of the early Apostles and disciples. Because of this invasion, the Bishops no longer obey the Apostles how much more the Pastors. And Apostle Peter clearly warned the Elders or the Bishops not to lord over the inheritance of God I Pt. 5:3. What is happening today, are they not called “my lord Bishop”? In this regard even the Pentecostal Bishops do not respect Apostles of the Church, like the Roman Catholic Bishops whose office/s reaches the sky. No Bishop both Pentecostal and Roman Catholic has the time to listen to a Pastor at any time.

We may ask, “Does it mean that Bishops are now above the Pastors in the Church of Jesus”?  The answer is “By no means”. They are where the Apostles kept them, they are nothing but Elders of the Church, not even Pastors. Don’t mind their ego, Pentecostal Bishops are following Rome’s setup, but they are nothing but Elders of the Church who are still under the Pastor in God’s settings. I’m talking about Pentecostal Bishops who are following the Roman standard because the Bible Bishops are still Elders till tomorrow. We just want to highlight this very well. We have digressed much let’s continue with the daily distribution in the early Church.


There was serious love flowing for each other, both at the headquarters at Jerusalem and at the Gentiles Churches. Love flowed much among them contrary to what we are seeing today.  In the early Church the daily distribution however was evil spoken of by the Grecians who turned to Christ, that their women were neglected Acts. 6:1. This made the early Church to select men of unquestionable characters to manage that office, among whom were brother Stephen who was martyred by the Jews Acts. 7. But his death did not stop the early church from their daily ministration, they continued. It came to the time Paul gave his life to Christ, as he was on his way to arrest and imprison the saints both men and women Acts. 9. Then Apostle Paul was appointed an Apostle to the Gentiles by Jesus Rom. 11:13 etc.

Paul from that idea that happened in Acts 6 instructed the Church at Corinth to make provision for the saints at Jerusalem on the first day, so that when he came, there would be no collection again I Cor. 16:1-2. This is where some people are teaching that it is the reference of Sabbath change by Paul. What Paul did was in agreement with what the headquarters were doing at that time. The Sabbath day was not changed instead it was used for “breaking of Bread” by the early Church Acts 20:7. On this day was the Holy Communion taken and he was allowed to preach to them. Even at this time Paul was in his second missionary journey, so he was fully aware of what the headquarters were doing and he was doing the same.    

But Paul as an Apostle could not change the Sabbath doctrine of God.   The Sabbath day worship “is a doctrine” which even Jesus did not change but amended it, how?  In the Law of Moses, there was no work done on the day of Sabbath, that’s where Jesus made an amendment. After teaching in the Temple on the Sabbath day, he worked and healed many people on the Sabbath day, which made the people to question his ministry as one who came from heaven, see Jon 5; 8; and 9. The Corinthian Church was not the only Church which Paul instructed to provide the things for the Jerusalem Church. He also instructed the Spanish Church to do the same Rom.15:24-29.  The Church at Macedonia and at Achaia desired to send their gifts to Jerusalem through Paul. This collection would be done on the first day, not on the Sabbath day.  The Sabbath day was exclusively for God’s worship. But the Apostles designated the first day for Holy Communion, but they did not change the day of Sabbath.  


No is the answer. Yet I discovered that the writings of Paul have been misunderstood badly by the Christian Community. In the book of Rapture I described this misunderstanding as the “three misses” in chapter 24. This misunderstanding however was not from him, but from the interpreters of his letter. When he commanded the Corinthian Church to provide their contribution to the saints at Jerusalem on the first day, they said he has changed the Sabbath day with that first day instruction I Cor.16:2.  Paul in all his days was worshipping on the Sabbath days. From his first missionary journey with Apostle Barnabas Acts. 13:42-44 he was invited to come back on the next Sabbath to explain more of the word of God.  The tone of the invitation indicated that the day was a Sabbath day.  This was his first missionary journey.  

Even the day the Holy Ghost commanded that Paul and Barnabas should be separated to do the work he had called them was on the Sabbath day Acts.13. It was the day known to every Dick, Tom and Harry in Jerusalem where the Church started. Even the day of Jesus’ resurrection was the first day and it could not cause the effect of the change of Sabbath. Even if the day was on the fourth; fifth and sixth day or the second day, Jesus would rise in it. But there was no commandment from either God; Jesus or the Apostles on that day for the change. The Apostles on their own called it “The day of the Lord” and that was correct for the rise Rev.1:10. Yes after giving him that day of his resurrection, they continued with the Sabbath commandment of God. Neither did the Holy Spirit command anywhere to change it for any reason whatsoever. And this change would not to be done with a suggestion or an assumption, but it must be a definite command from God, Jesus or his Apostles.  

Paul during his first missionary journey entered into the Synagogue on the Sabbath day Acts. 13:5. Even the day the Holy Spirit commanded to separate Paul and Barnabas was a Sabbath day. In his second missionary journey, he did not deviate in any way. And during his second missionary journey the Bible said he reasoned on very Sabbath, according to Acts. 18:1-4. In fact, I can’t see where the so called Pentecostal Revds; Bishops and Drs saw the Sabbath change in the Bible. If the Apostles used the first day to honour Jesus for rising on it, does it mean a change of Sabbath? They said Paul changed it. Paul could not on his own change the Sabbath day. Do you know that Paul was even on check during his ministry to the Gentiles?  He encountered the “Judaizers” at Antioch and was sent to Jerusalem for settlement; you can read about it in Acts. 15. Why couldn’t he settle that problem at the Church at Antioch?  

You may be confused of the word “Judaizers”. The religion which was on even before the birth of Christ in Israel or nay with the Jews was Judaism. Jesus also met it but did not use it during his time. Of cause he started calling his own disciples one after the other. Actually he operated in the Temple but did not make use of Judaism as way of life. So at the time Paul became a Christian Apostle to the Gentiles. When he was at Antioch, those people who formally worshipped Judaism left them and they were called Judaizers. They repented and joined the Church at Jerusalem and they came on a visit to Antioch, and taught the people in the presence of Paul and Barnabas saying “except they go through the Law of Moses, they could not be saved” Acts. 15. On hearing this kind of teaching from those who were supposed to teach the truth, Paul and his companion Barnabas opposed that teaching immediately and there was much disputations or argument in the Church. And because of this argument, the Church sent them to the headquarters in Jerusalem for clearance and settlement. The Jerusalem Church organized the Church council for this question, and after much deliberations by the Church council, the Pastor at that time ruled and said “My sentence is” Acts. 15. 19-22. It is important we cite these passages for you to read.

Paul was there when the overall Pastor (James) ruled over the issue and he was satisfied. Even all the Apostles including Peter, and the rest of the Church council and elders were present.  Do these people who preach and believe that Paul changed the Sabbath read the Bible at all? How could Paul who was sent to the Gentiles change what the headquarters were doing? If he had done so, they would call him to order. He was subject to authorities even though he was an Apostle. He was not standing alone and couldn’t give any negative commandment to the Church. Of course Jesus was with him and he always received instructions from him.  On his arrest and persecution, he was going to Rome to defend himself and Jesus appeared to him and encouraged him, saying “as you have testified about me at Jerusalem, so shall you testify about me at Rome” Acts. 23:11.

What Paul commanded the Church to do at Corinth was to collect their gifts on the first day, so that when he comes, there would be no more collections on his presence. He was desirous to minister to the poor saints at Jerusalem; so he would like to go with the collections from the Gentile Churches which in turn opened his way back home.  This is why we ask you to always come to this blog site where the truth is displayed for all to read.  And we can tell you that up till now the Sabbath day has not been changed. But Daniel prophesied that “the horn shall think to change times and law” Dan. 7:25. The horn is the same as the Beast or the Antichrist, which must come from Europe.  And they have done according to the prophecy. They have changed the Sabbath day to Sun-day.

Everyone have been following Rome and their programs believing that they are the people which God had ordained to lead the Church, but we tell you that it is not true.  Some people have come to this knowledge but they ask “where are we going to start from to change it again”?  Well, the answer is “do your own work or what you are supposed to do and leave the rest to God”.   Since it was under prophecy, you can do nothing to change it but you could teach to sensitize the Church on the truth and God would cause your work to germinate and increase. We are assuring you that the Sabbath change has not been commanded by God and would not be commanded even in the future. Do you want to know why we say this?

Jesus teaching his disciples about his second coming said “But pray ye that your flight be not on winter, neither on the Sabbath day” Matt. 24:20.  What does this statement mean? It means 1. That the Sabbath day has not been changed and that it would be on till the day of flight.   What does the day of our flight mean? 2.  It means the day the Antichrist will command to kill all Christians from Israel to the whole world for failing to worship him Rev. 13:15. 3. That we should pray that this day should not be on the winter.  If we should run into the bush on the winter, cold would take hold on us badly and it may cause some people to denounce their faith in Christ.  This goes ahead to tell us that God has not changed the Sabbath day till tomo0rrow.  It there has been any change, scripture would tell us and not hide it. So Sabbath day has not been changed and Paul did not use I Cor. 16:2 to change the Sabbath day. It remains on the seventh day.





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                    April 3, 2017
American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise
American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise Weekly Update
Myths & Facts

Do all Palestinian refugees need to return to their homes for there to be peace?
According to the UN, more than five million Palestinians are refugees. Does Israel have any obligation to take in some or all of those people? The current Israeli population is approximately 8.46 million, of which 6,119,000 are Jews. If every Palestinian refugee were allowed to move to Israel, the population would exceed thirteen million, and the Jewish proportion would shrink from 75 percent to 46 percent. The Jews would be a minority in their own country, the very situation they fought to avoid in 1948, and which the UN expressly ruled out in deciding to partition Palestine.
Mitchell Bard in The Times of Israel

AIPAC Is the Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Lobby
If every Jew in America attended the AIPAC Policy Conference there would still be critics claiming it doesn't represent the community, it has alienated one or more constituencies and it is on the verge of collapse. When the left was in power in Israel (for those old enough to remember), AIPAC was criticized by the Israeli right and, not surprisingly, the left has been angry with AIPAC since Netanyahu took office. Both right and left typically misunderstand the nature of the American Jewish community and the role of AIPAC. The latest example is the work of Chemi Shalev in Haaretz.

                 Click Here to Read More
Sunshine state: The case for renewable energy in Israel
Professor Itai Sened, the founding chair of the School of Social and Policy Studies at Tel Aviv University whose research, in collaboration with the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative, focuses on policies pertaining to the use of renewable energy. He explains why Israel should be a leader in the field, and how structural and bureaucratic obstacles get in the way.
          Click Here to Listen
Rex Tillerson's Warnings to North Korea 
Reached the Middle East 
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Micro-Moments Are Multiplying—Are You Ready for the Future of Marketing?
Featured from Mobile
Micro-Moments Are Multiplying—Are You Ready for the Future of Marketing?
Mobile is just the beginning of marketing micro-moments. So what's next? Google's Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy has an idea. And tips to embrace the impending changes, too.
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Brands Taking a Stand: 4 Industry Leaders on the New Rules of Brand Culture
Featured from Advertising
Brands Taking a Stand: 4 Industry Leaders on the New Rules of Brand Culture
Brands are entering divisive cultural and political debates they might’ve shunned in the past. But how do they make sure the messaging feels authentic? Four marketing experts weigh in.
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Announcing Spotify Infrastructure’s Googley Future

Posted on by

 Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by Nicholas Harteau/VP, Engineering & Infrastructure


 As a company most often associated with amazing music recommendations and awesome parties (not to mention life-changing employee benefits), it’s rare that we get to talk about the exciting world of technical infrastructure – the real power behind the music – but today is special. Today we are announcing that we’re working with the Google Cloud Platform team to provide platform infrastructure for Spotify, everywhere.

This is a big deal. At Spotify we are obsessed with providing a streaming experience that feels as though you have all the music in the world on your phone. Historically, we’ve taken a traditional approach to doing this: buying or leasing data-center space, server hardware and networking gear as close to our customers as possible. This approach has allowed us to give you music instantly, wherever you are in the world.  

But in a business growing quickly in users, markets and features, keeping pace with scaling demands requires ever increasing amounts of focus and effort. Like good, lazy engineers, we occasionally asked ourselves: do we really need to do all this stuff?

For a long time the answer was “yes.” Operating our own data-centers may be a pain, but the core cloud services were not at a level of quality, performance and cost that would make cloud a significantly better option for Spotify in the long run. As they say: better the devil you know…

Recently that balance has shifted. The storage, compute and network services available from cloud providers are as high quality, high performance and low cost as what the traditional approach provides. This makes the move to the cloud a no-brainer for us. Google, in our experience, has an edge here, but it’s a competitive space and we expect the big players to be battling it out for the foreseeable future.

What really tipped the scales towards Google for us, however, has been our experience with Google’s data platform and tools. Good infrastructure isn’t just about keeping things up and running, it’s about making all of our teams more efficient and more effective, and Google’s data stack does that for us in spades.  

Google has long been a thought-leader in this space, and this shows in the sophistication and quality of its data offerings. From traditional batch processing with Dataproc, to rock-solid event delivery with Pub/Sub to the nearly magical abilities of BigQuery, building on Google’s data infrastructure provides us with a significant advantage where it matters the most.

We have a large and complex backend, so this is a large and complex project that will take us some time to complete.  We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences with you as we go, so watch our engineering blog for more information on what we learn, build and break along the way.  We’re pretty excited about our Googley future and hope you’ll find it interesting too.

 Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.21.06 PM

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                                                              LUCKY! SOMEONE IS COMING
                                                                    By Joseph Azubuike
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One day Emekus Young was walking around his compound which was in the village. He saw through one of the holes in the fence his age mate friend coming to his house, because the fence was made of Palm Fronts. His age mate friend named Jude Igwe was coming to his house. He quickly ran inside his room and called his ten years old Son whose name was Lucky saying, ‘’Lucky! Someone is coming here to look for me, when he comes, tell him that I’m not at home’’, because he was owing him a huge sum and was not ready to pay.


He therefore entered inside one of the rooms and lied down on his bed and was trying to listen to the conversation of the man with his Son. Jude entered the house and met Lucky. He addressed Lucky as ‘’Good boy’’ for the first time. He asked him, ‘’Good boy Lucky, where is your Father’’? Lucky had a little problem upstairs and he was overwhelmed by the name ‘’Good boy’’, and he forgot what his father told him to say. He answered, ‘’He is lying down in the room’’. Mr. Jude then sensed that maybe Emekus wanted to play him some buff off. He said again to the boy, ‘’Good boy, how are you now telling lies’’? ‘’Are you sure he is inside’’? Lucky became more annoyed because Jude said ‘’Good boy how are you now telling lies’’? The boy continued ‘’I don’t lies, Ok, if I prove it now what will happen’’? Jude said to him, ‘’if you prove it to me now I will pay you immediately’’, but he didn’t tell him how much. Lucky went forward to the door of the room where his father was lying down and pushed the door open with speed and said ‘’is this not my father’’?


It was the time Mr. Jude said to Lucky, ‘’Lucky my son, you are a good boy actually’’, but he didn’t pay him. Then he said to father, ‘’Emekus, Emekus, is this the way you want to treat me’’? Emekus managed to sluggishly raise himself from his bed and said ‘’I was tired as I came back from work, and I lied down trying to have a little rest. Some other Children were here with my son and they were making noise, I chased them out a few minutes before now and lied down for rest. So it was not actually because of you, no, how can I do that’’?


Anyway’’ Emekus continued ‘’the money is not yet available for now but be rest assured that I will give you that money next week’’. Mr. Jude said ‘’this was what you told me three weeks ago, it is not going to work again today’’. ‘’It is either you pay it now or never’’.Guess what happened, in the next blog. Comment on this blog and give your suggestion of the next thing which should follow.





Journalist Jack Shenker on the State of the Egyptian Revolution, Five Years Later

The future of Egypt lies not in the hands of political leaders and members of the elite, writes journalist Jack Shenker in his new book, The Egyptians: A Radical Story, but in the hands of ordinary Egyptians: Bedouins fighting for their land, DJs producing underground music in garages, and, especially, in Cairo’s youth. In one scene from an excerpt published at the Guardian, Shenker visits Zawyet Dahshur school, where young children spend their lunch breaks playing games of revolution:

A man emerged from a door on the edge of the playground and walked across to ask what we were doing there. He was a young maths teacher, and after we explained that we wanted to see the school where the video had been shot, he invited us to the staffroom for tea. “You have no idea how obsessively the children throw themselves into it,” he confided. “That video became a bit famous but it was just one minute of footage — they’ve been playing like that since the revolution started, during every break time and again when classes finish at the end of the day. Sometimes they do it 20 times in a row, pretending to attack the police, miming being shot and gassed, then picking themselves up again to carry on fighting.” I said that it was brave of them to chant so openly against the army, and the teacher shook his head and laughed.

“They’re braver than that,” he replied. “The sound on the video is very crackly so people didn’t realise; everyone who watched it thought the children were calling for the downfall of the musheer [field marshal], but actually they were yelling ‘el‑sha’ab, yureed, isqat el‑mudeer’ — ‘The people want the downfall of the headmaster.’ They weren’t just copying what they saw on television, they were changing it to carry out their own mini-revolution right here at the school!” He poured out more tea and shovelled a small mountain of sugar into each glass. “The children are completely different now. Within two minutes of the revolution starting they had begun speaking out in class, challenging things the teachers said, asking us about what was happening on the streets and what it all meant. Some of the staff, including me, had participated in the protests in Tahrir, and the students wanted to know everything, they wanted to know how it felt to have a voice at last. We changed, and they changed with us.”

Read the story


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                                                                             By Joseph Azubuike 

                                           emals: ;


When, or on what day was Jesus crucified? Was it on a Friday or on a Thursday? What day would agree with the scriptural record of the first day rising from the dead? Join the conversation; follow me on facebook; tweeter, LinkedIn; Google+; Pinterest; tumblr; Email etc.


It is imperative we that claim to be Christians know the Bible we study and teach. We have this very important issue to discuss, such as the death and resurrection of our Lord. If we fail to establish a good and perfect day from the scriptures, then we have failed and we are no more worthy to claim what we do. The Church should be very clear on this issue as a matter of clarity.



The scripture is here for any serious minded individual to study and find out the truth. The church should teach what the Lord Jesus taught his Apostles about his death and resurrection. We should remind ourselves that the Gospel we preach was from Israel and not from any other source. We should be able to hold tenaciously what God had allowed for us to hold, and given us in the scriptures. Also that Jesus was and is still Jesus of Nazareth.


Hear it ‘’ For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the Whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth’’ Matt. 12:40 kjv. The records are here, let’s look into it. Since this is what Jesus taught his Apostles, are we following it that way? No! We have derailed completely as a body. We have betrayed our master in it. Now what do we celebrate? We have joined Rome and their church to celebrate their mass in all things. First of all I would like one to tell me what (mass) is. I know Christ but what is mass and who owns it? We are so easily deceived and put out of the Way, driven just like the wind is tossed. Do we go to church or to mass? Don’t you know who goes to mass every Sunday?


Church just hearing of Christ, joins the mass (Christmas). Separate Christ from the mass, i.e, (Christ)-(mass) and tell us how you managed to get it from the Bible. From the first year of his birth to the end of his ministry, even a hundred years after his ascension. Did anyone celebrate his birth? Do you love him more with it? Does it indicate more love for him? Yes he was born, kindly show me where the Apostles celebrated Christmas. Alright, for you it’s Ok, it’s your portion even as there is no scriptural record.


What he commanded is (the Holy Communion) saying ‘’as often as you do this, you show forth his death till he comes’’ ICor. 11:25; Mk.14:22-24. He did not command for Christmas as a child or as a man. His Apostles did not command it either. Neither will any (unauthorised) man command it to become scriptural for us. We should know who commanded what we believe and teach others.


Anyway, let’s continue with the scriptures we have read. From the scriptures we have read, there is nothing as ‘’Good Friday’’. The scriptures have it that ‘’He shall think to change times and law’’ Dan. 7:25. Who is he? The Beast of (Rome) shall think to change God’s times and law.


They have changed ‘’the times and the law’’. You may ask, what is the law? Or how was the law changed? Changing the Law talk about changing the Law of Sabbath worship’’, which was commanded by God, i.e from ‘’the Seventh day Sabbath’’ to the ‘’first day’’ or Sunday. There is no scriptural command anywhere to change the ‘’Sabbath Worship’’ to Sunday.


The ‘’Sun-day’’ worship was the Religion from Babylon which lastly rested on Rome. It was commanded by Emperor Constantine the great during his rule, between about the year 311 to 325, ‘’that whosoever does not worship God on Sun-day shall be put to death’’. They worshipped the ‘’Sun’’ or the ‘’Sun- god’’ as a ‘’Deity’’ on the ‘’first day’’. They commanded the World to join them in it. They know how to command the World even from the first Roman Emperor who commanded the world to pay tax Lk. 2:1-6. We should be very careful.


When the ‘’Sun-day’’ commandment came into force, many adhered; some refused and were tied to the stakes and burned alive. Many others escaped to unknown destinations, and that law went on. The law of Sabbath worship is a definite commandment from God, and is not to be replaced with any Emperor’s commandment. For us to change the Sabbath, we should see a definite scriptural commandment from either a King in Israel, a Prophet, the Lord himself or his Apostles. Instead, this Sabbath was changed by the Romans, reason for no scriptural record. The Bible clearly teaches that Israel is the recipient of the law and the promises; Rome is not inclusive and does not Posses that right at all.


When the Lord Jesus amended the Sabbath commandment, i.e. ‘’no work’’ should be done on a Sabbath day Ex.20:8; Duet.5:12-14. The Jews attacked him, and he told them ‘’the son of man is also Lord of the Sabbath’’ Mark. 2: 27-28 etc. Jesus after teaching in the Temple would heal the people on the Sabbath days, that is to say, he worked on the Sabbath days, see Jon Chapters 5 and 9 etc. After the Sabbath teaching, he went outside the Temple and began to heal and to save the Lost.


That answer meant that he as ‘’the Son of Man’’ was qualified to amend the Law of Sabbath day commandment by his own authority as the Lord, although they did not know this area, that Jesus is the Lord Phil 2:9-10. Today some Christians are suggesting in support of Rome, that Apostle Paul commanded its replacement with the ‘’first day’’ of the week collections for the saints I cor.16:1-2. Some Christians are fine tuning Rome’s commandment for the church to follow, and we are sheepishly following.


Tell those people to go and study their Bible very well. If possible, they should go to a bible school or to a Seminary school. Paul worshipped God on every Sabbath day Acts. 18:4. He had written the first book of Corinthians 16 before Acts 18. He could not contradict himself, he was a Barrister at Law, and knew the implication of words. You can only contradict him by ignorance. He knows the truth and does not contradict himself. He couldn’t change the law without Jerusalem Acts. 15. He would need the Headquarters to change that law.


Let’s continue, while changing the ‘’times’’ meant that ‘’the working days’’ which then started from the first day, now begins from the 2nd day. Instead of the first day, Rome called it Sun-day. Rome in her craftiness disguised the Moon-day, the day they used to serve the female idol the moon. They cunningly removed one zero from moon and joined the word together, i.e ‘’mon and day’’ together to make it Monday. Whereas working days began from the first day, it now starts from the second day or Moon-day. And from here we have removed our eyes from the game and begin to pursue another thing. All our brethren is interested now is ‘’at least Jesus was born’’. Do you also consider that ‘’at least his blood is rejected on Good Friday’’ by those projectors?, while we need it more on that day if Good Friday does exist.


God himself worked on the first day Gen. 1, till the sixth day when he created man Gen. 1:26 and ended it on the Seventh day and Hallowed, or sanctified the day Gen. 2:1-2.
They changed the time to worship God from the seventh day or Sabbath, to the first day, which is now Sunday and we are comfortable with it. We even look for scriptures to support them and also fine tune it. When Jesus looked into the future especially as it concerns this generation he asked ‘’when the Son of man shall come again, shall he find faith’’ Lk. 18:8. The Church today are working upon the foundation of the Beast and even trying to persecute whosoever will try to correct the anomaly. It is grieving God at his heart.


Jesus said ‘’for as Jonas was three days and three nights in the belly of the fish, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth’’. Now let us count the three days and three nights from Rome’s calculations, and see whether we are right following them.


They started their calculations from Friday, i.e the reason they celebrate Good Friday. From creation God said the Night and Morning makes a day Gen. 1:5, which is to say, no day is without a night. Again geographically we know that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West daily. Then to have a day it must comprise both night together. Twenty four hours make a day and nothing shots from it. Now time begins daily from 12.00 am which in our local time here is in the middle of the night. From this time 12am to 12.00pm on the same day makes twelve hours, 12 hours or half day. From this 12.00pm to 12.00 am the next middle of the night makes another 12 hours also. This is one day which is twenty four hours (One day). With this record, there is no Good Friday.


If we should count the three days and three nights from this record, we are hopelessly following Rome and have drowned in their programs. As we have agreed with their record, how can we claim to know the scriptures more than them? From the evening of Friday when Jesus was crucified according to them, to Saturday Evening is a day. From the Evening of Saturday to Sunday morning is not up to two days. Now my people do we actually know the scriptures?



For us to set the record straight, we must study the Bible very well. Many of us say what we hear from those we give respect and reverence, not the true scripture. Others hold the view of their mentors, while a great number try to write a review from their trusted teachers whether they are saying the truth or not. How can we celebrate Good Friday? Who proved Good Friday to be right for the Saints to join? Should the church of Christ celebrate the Good Friday?
Jesus said the Son of man shall be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights. Does the record from Friday night to Sunday early morning give us three days and three nights?, no, not at all. Then where are we now?
Let’s start counting the three days and three nights. If we count it with Rome’s pattern, we shall fail woefully. The counting must start with early Thursday morning when Judas Iscariot betrayed his Lord, and accompanied them to arrest him in the Garden of Gethsemane Matt.26 36; Mk. 14:32. When they finished judging him in the daytime, in the evening they crucified him the same day.


From that Thursday Morning to Friday morning made one day, even though he was crucified on the Thursday Evening, spiritual matters differ slightly from the literal. From Friday Morning to Saturday morning made it two days and two nights.
From Saturday Morning to Sunday morning completes it three days and three nights as prophesied in Matt. 12:40, a reference from Jonah 1:17. And so the Bible says he rose early in the morning of the first day of the week, when it was yet dark, suggesting exactly on the first day of the week Jon. 20:1. So you can see the three days and three nights did not have a Good Friday. How can you work out a Good Friday from the available records?,
Even according to Rome’s Calculations.


Even if you don’t believe my own working, can you work out a Good Friday from Rome’s record? Or we ask you to make sure you show us the process of making Good Friday a Christian program, where we have buried ourselves with Rome’s philosophy. Let the Spirit of God talk to us. If Jesus was crucified on the Friday, whether in the morning or evening, there would be no Good Friday. Yes, because there is no how you can work out that Friday to tally with early morning first day resurrection. The Christian community should begin to study the Bible, instead of saying ‘’how can we change the existing Protocol’’?. They changed it to suit them and they have succeeded, but we are busy complaining and saying ‘’to change it is impossible’’.


The problem of Christianity is complex. It is now a question of I know it more than you and the pursuit of titles like the Romans. I will not agree with you because they say, you are junior to me, I’m Bishop’’, ‘’I’m an Apostle’’, ‘’I’m a Prophet’’, you must take what I say or leave it. And while they keep following Rome in these titles, they join their mass and celebrate their full philosophy. Stand out from the crowd and show that you do read and study the Bible, than believing the views of other people whether they are right or wrong. Instead let’s study together in this issue. Does your faith hang on any human being other than Christ?  Remove your faith there and trust Christ your the future. 


The programs we are using today are no other than Roman programs. They have eaten deep into us that we seem to llose grip and focus of what we doing. We cannot enter the Bible and come out with a clear understanding of the Bible and stick to what we read from the Bible. 


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What do we mean by the word Professor, or Prof? According to Oxford English Dictionary, sixth edition, it means “a university lecturer of the highest rank”. 2. It may also mean “one who is a specialist in a given profession”. Also what do we mean by the word Prophet?  It means “One who stands in the Gap between God and man at a particular time in the history and life of a people Ezk. 30.  


Once upon a time in the history of Israel, there existed a prophet named Elisha, the servant of Elijah who succeeded him 2kgs 6-7. At a particular time there was famine which swept across the Country, and it reached a stage when two women made an agreement to eat their babies for food. This happened in the days of Elisha as a prophet is Samaria in Israel.  And on a day the king of Israel was passing along the way, one of these two women saw the king passing, she cried out “Help O king”.  The king stopped and answered “what airlet thee”, if God could not help thee, neither could I help thee”.


The king supposing that the woman would ask of food because the famine answered that way. But the woman opened up by saying a different thing. She said “I and this woman agreed yesterday to kill our babies for food. My baby was killed yesterday and we ate it, and today we should eat her own baby, but she had hid her own baby when I said to her, let us eat your own baby”. King help!. The king hearing this report was very shocked that the famine had reached this stage of eating babies in Israel?  He hurriedly rushed home and sent his economic adviser on food items, a Professor to go and inform the living prophet that his end as a prophet in Israel had come. Because he supposed that the prophet should do something to remedy the situation.


Now on reaching the house of the prophet, he met him and announced to the prophet what the king had sent him for.   Then the prophet acknowledging that as the truth also gave his word from the Lord and said, “Thus saith the Lord, about this time tomorrow shall measure of fine flour be sold for a Shekel and two measures of Barley for a Shekel in the gate of Samaria”. On hearing what the prophet said the economic minister not knowing the way of the Lord, stood there to doubt and to question the prophet saying “If God should make windows in the heaven, might this thing be”? Then the prophet said in return to him “thou shall see it with thy eyes but thou shall not eat of it”. The Professor went home that day.  But he never knew that he had been condemned by the prophet. He thought it was just a saying that he would not eat the food no, a judgment of condemnation was handed down on him.


Most of the time people play with God’s servants and go free. They never knew that there are no nonsense servants of God.  But did you realize what the Professor said? He did not only doubt the prophet, he insulted God at the same time. He said “If God could make windows in heaven, might these things be”? That’s the word that insulted God before his servant and God upheld the word of his servant Elisha. This was one the powerful words of Elisha the prophet. When Elisha said to him to go and inform the king of Israel what the Lord said, he wanted to prove his office as an economic minister of the king. But how to say it or how to do it before the servant of God was what he didn’t know. Of course he did not know that God was there with even as he was not seeing him, but his servant knew that very well.



Elisha as a prophet was speaking the word from his God, for he said “Thus saith the Lord”. Whenever you hear “thus saith the Lord” from his servant, it means that God was speaking through his servant at that time. It is not what a novice will challenge anyhow.  The professor may have thought in his head saying, “Does this man know that he is speaking before a Professor”? Does he think I’m like him without educational knowledge or qualification whatsoever? Does he think that my position as an economic minister of the king is so light?  I mean what could prompt this so called prophet to be saying these words before me?  Does he know how a crop is planted and how long it will be in the ground before the harvest? How could he believe that God could throw down fine flour or measures of Barley from heaven? After these considerations he decided to challenge not only the prophet but included impossibility for God. Many times it is so. What a man could not do he believes also that God couldn’t do it. This was actually what the professor thought that made him to insult God.  Do you know what I read? Do you know what my Discipline is? How could you say that to me? I mean, that is very poor of the prophet, at least he should have spoken what is good to the ears and what is manageable.  You see, I’m an expert in what you are saying. And there is no way what you are saying could be gotten or become true. At least before you say that, you should have asked me how possible it could be. How can I say that to the king? In fact that would end my job with him.


What we should know is that God does not take excuse from anybody before doing or saying a thing. The Bible says he does what pleases him Isa. 46:9-10.  On the next day the Prof came out to see if what the prophet said yesterday would come true. If it was not true he knew how to blaspheme him even before the king. And at about the same time which the prophet said, came four Lepers and sent a message to the king about what they saw at Syria. The king was somehow not sure, especially as the message came from Lepers. However he sent someone, a spy to go in secret out there, or to verify and report. It was confirmed to be true. The king then sent many people which went and spoiled the camp of Syria that day.  


Meanwhile the king appointed the Professor to organize and be in charge or to   order how the sharing would be. He forgot that he was condemned to the food and tried to arrange the whole exercise. There was a much gathering and when he tried to control the surging crowed, they pushed the gate with pressure and they pushed him down and did not even remember him. They killed him there and the word of the prophet was fulfilled which said “Thou shall see it but thou shall not eat it”.  It is dangerous to argue or doubt a prophet or a man of God and believe you can go scotch free.  Many people have not escaped being dead for arguing with a prophet or especially as it concerns a real man of God. About two hundred and fifty people died in this type of standing against Moses in the wilderness with Korah Num. 16.  Don’t withstand a prophet of God or a man of God.  If you do you are risking your life.


If this was a thing to get by vote many people would have voted the Professor who may have studied all disciplines to be appointed as “Economic minister of the king of Israel”.  But some sharp guys say, they would have begged the prophet at that moment so that he could have changed his word. But one thing I know is that it is not easy for most people to say sorry, even when they are wrong.  Yet the ego of the Professor could not allow him to say sorry to the Prophet of God. This is how it has been even to this present day.  And even today people insult men of God and go away with it because of the grace of God. I remember when one of the Apostles asked Jesus if he wanted them to bring down fire from heaven and consume someone who seemed to insult them, Jesus said no saying, “You know not what manner of people you are”. This means we must be very careful with our lips or tongues because our words are powerful to the letter.


That was how the Professor or “the economic minister” of the king died for arguing the man of God Elisha.  Therefore we advice that people should not    argue or question men of God, especially when they says “Thus says the Lord”. The Professor was told to go and tell the king what God said about what would happen on the morrow of that day.   Instead the Professor would go and send the message to the king, he wanted to make the Prophet know that he was well read. That he was a Professor of economics or agric minister of the highest Discipline. So that what the Prophet said could not be attained according to Agric law. Again when people do not know God or his acts, they can say anything or even believe that he was a man like them. That what they could not do, even God could not do it. This at times could be viewed by God as “Contempt”.

In such case/s only God could save that person. Therefore let us be warned even if you are friendly with the prophet, you must give him his due respect as a man of God.












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                                                               IN GOD’S CASE THERE’S APPEAL

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Appeal may mean “to disagree with a pronounced judgment on someone or on something by a competent authority”. “To file a paper in a higher authority disproving or disagreeing with the said judgment about someone or something”. On many occasions I have heard from very many people saying “in God’s case, there is no appeal”. Somehow they are right and also somehow they are wrong. As this topic continues to trouble me, I decided to rest it with the word of God. Join me therefore and let’s dig deep into God’s word to find out the truth for ourselves.



When this topic continues to show up to me, I began to discover that God wants me to do something for my people, at least to show them this part of scripture though they know it. It has been concluded that in everything there is no appeal in God’s case. This appeal is based on one side i.e with everybody. But I saw many appeals made in the word of God, which later was true and where God’s judgment was turned for someone’s favour. On a particular day God informed prophet Isaiah to go and tell Hezekiah to prepare his house because he was about to die. God told him that he would not recover from that illness. So prophet Isaiah went and delivered the message as he was sent. I want to say that God is still flexible in the mist of rigid laws to man. No one holds him to Ransomed.


But this appeal must be made to him. That’s where they don’t understand that God can decide how he would handle his word or hold it forth for a son in his house. And when Isaiah left, Hezekiah began to appeal against God’s judgment of death on him. Yea, we said the appeal must be made in his court, not in man’s court, right! Hezekiah went to God in prayer, of course one of our songs said “take it to the Lord in prayer”. He then reminded him about his promise to their father David. “That there would not fail that one should sit on throne of David forever”. When Hezekiah mentioned this promise of God to him, he sent Isaiah back to increase Hezekiah’s life with fifteen more years, read Isa. 38; 2kgs. 20. In this case Hezekiah appealed his case to God and he gave him victory. Our people only concluded that in God’s case there is no appeal because they never remembered about this case. They also consider only when someone goes to the secular law court to appeal on God’s case. Yet into the hands of the lord you can appeal for your case and have it. But you must be standing in righteousness for God to hear you. He does not listen to the prayer of the sinner, for they are an abomination to him. He also informed the same prophet that “before the righteous would call, he would answer and while speaking he will hear” Isa. 65:23-24. The saying that in God’s case there is no appeal is only true with the ungodly which could not make any plea with God.


The righteous are in everlasting remembrance and so we can appeal against any situation which is not favorable to us and God will do something about it. In the book of Isaiah 45:11 he said we should command him concerning his works. One can suffer when you don’t know these things belong to you as a son in the house. If Hezekiah had kept quiet because the message was from God, he would have died without a son, and God would still be God. When God makes a promise to you and it has not come to pass, you have the right to call unto him and remind him about it. Sometimes he wants to see if you know your right before him as a son or as a daughter. Sometimes also he gives you your right without allowing you to demand it by yourself. But one thing you should know is that he is sovereign. It means he is not to be commanded by man. But he has given us a wonderful privilege in his sight.


With these scriptures I believe you can now go to him if you are his child and demand your right in him. But if you are not born again, there is no point trying. He doesn’t listen to sinners except you want to cry for redemption in the first place. He can listen to your appeal if you are born again, he has a soft spot for us. Wherever you may come from does not matter to him now, for we all his workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works. Always come here for good and quality contents of scripture. Remember we provide your tastes here.



The Guardian
Monday 17 April 2017

                                               OBAMA’S GAY MARRIAGE TENDS TO…….




It is with great pleasure that we are welcoming another man to lead the world again for the next eight years. Someone who could identify the errors of the leading king of the world, and is ready to effect a change as soon as he takes over from him. This is no other person than President elect Donald Trump of the United States of America. He was able to see and to say that he had never seen or heard from the day he was born, that a man could marry a man, and woman to woman. In the Gay arrangement, a man could even marry a Goat or a Horse. Also a woman could marry Dog or a Sheep. Of course people have been marrying Dogs for long now, both men and women in the United States. That was the reason the Gay arrangement of Obama was a welcome development. Only the people of God kicked against it, yet to no avail.


Obama’s Gay arrangement tends to bring in the Antichrist earlier before the appointed time. But no matter what or how men may try their best, it must come at God’s appointed time. Having studied the Bible extensively, I have come to the knowledge that every program going on here in the world today are in God’s plan. But no man may force it a minute earlier or later. If you read my eBook of Rapture titled, “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”, you will see how America became the last king of the world. Or how they are fulfilling that passage of the Bible.



In the original land of Sodom and Gomorrah, this practice was the reason of their destruction. When these people were living that abominable lives, the literal land cried out to God. Of course no one was righteous in that land to inform God about their abominations. Then the land took upon itself to inform the Lord. Then the Lord promptly came forth to see by himself, and it was true. You may ask “how do you know”? Then read the account in Gen. 18:20-22. The Lord informed Abraham that the cry of the City of Sodom and Gomorrah was great. And that he had come to see if what the land or the city reported was true. He truly found out that it was both the fact and the truth. And Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed the same day. Obama could not force out the Antichrist in his time. One thing I’m sure is that he the (Antichrist) must surely come out in his time according to Apostle Paul 2Thess. 2:6. In the days of Hitler of Germany, he thought that he could force him out with his second world war, yet he couldn’t do it by his power. See, I repeat, that no man is able to force Antichrist out, even with the “third world war”. Get the whole idea from my book of Rapture. Although we are in the last days and seeing many of the signs given to us by Jesus and the prophets, yet there are events that will indicate it particularly to us that the time has come. The next king who will take over from America are just around the corner now, waiting for the fall of America. In case you don’t know about it, know it now that, immediately her own time expires, she will fall and Europe takes over. Having surveyed this very well from the Bible, America is just the last king or the seventh king according to Rev.17:10. Read my book of Rapture.


 I’m not one of those prophets who have earlier prophesied about the end of the world so many times and failed. If you read my book, you will come to the knowledge that I’m God’s appointed in this generation. Try and read all my blogs, even from, title or from or and also from here in “”. Donald Trump has indicated that he would make sure that Obama’s Gay marriage would take its course as soon as he mounts the throne of the Presidency of US. This will follow to bring again the confidence of many people back to God’s plan. Not that we are afraid about the Antichrist no, but that the truth must reign once more until the appointed time. I don’t even think that Donald Trump shall be in office when this shall appear into the world. Of course everything is in God’s hand. He could allow him to see the Antichrist.


But I warn every child of god to be always ready at all times, knowing that a day is like a thousand and a thousand like a day with God Ps.90:4; 2Pt. 3:8. After reading this blog post, I expect calls from those who care. If you want to support me in one way or the other, do not hesitate to make a donation to support it to further on. Always enjoy my blogs here and God bless.









The Church was inaugurated at Jerusalem on a beautiful day according to Jesus’ instruction to his Apostles. He said they should not move away from Jerusalem until they receive power from above or from heaven Acts. 1:4-8. Therefore they were rolling around Jerusalem and then on a first day like that, as they were together at the upper room where they had celebrated the Passover with Jesus in his lifetime, suddenly there was a rushing mighty wind. The Apostles according to scriptural account said they were about 120 in number on that day Acts.1:15. So the claim of the Roman Catholics as “the first Church” is false.  The first Church was inaugurated at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, a feast of the people of Israel by the Holy Spirit Acts.2. And by this time there was nothing as church existing in Rome. They were all sunk into Idolatry as their national god.

The Church at Jerusalem was enjoying the Joy of the Spirit when on a beautiful day, Peter and John not fully understanding the setup of the programs of God at that time, left the Holy Ghost at the upper room and went to pray at the Temple of Judaism Act.3. Jesus operated in this Temple during his lifetime. But about the time of his departure he prophesied about its destruction Mat. 24:1-2. So he was the last member of the God that used that Temple. It means the Holy Spirit would not use that Temple. And even before the cross the last place he was found was at the upper room where he celebrated the Passover with his disciples Mk. 14.  Now observe also that after his resurrection he did not enter that Temple again yet he was with his disciples or Apostles forty days on earth Acts. 1: 3, why?


The answer is that the era of the Temple ended with Jesus, because the Bible said “Jesus was the end of the law” Rom.10:4, and the Holy Spirit would take over from him and continue at the upper room. So there was no need for any of his disciples to be found at the Temple from the time of his death to the time of his resurrection. A new setup of God’s program started from the upper room to the end of the world.  So when Peter and John went down to pray in the Temple at the time of prayer, it was a big mistake, but observe how the Holy Spirit stopped them.  As Peter and John wanted to enter into the Temple, a man crippled was laid at the beautiful gate, which asked of arms from the passengers who were entering the Temple on daily bases.  So the Holy Spirit magnified Peter and John’s eyes on him and they said to him “Look on us”. This exclamation made that man’s attention to focus on them, believing that they had something to give him. But Peter quickly said “Silver and gold have we none but such as we have give we unto you. In the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk” Acts. 3: 1-7. The Bible said they lifted this man up and there and then this man began to walk and to jump up. For the first time in his life he entered into the Temple.


Watch from the Bible record if Peter and John entered into that Temple that day, no! why?  The Holy Ghost carefully stopped them. Instead he converted their mistake to glorify Jesus. When the man jumped into the Temple, the owners of the Temple who were the Pharisees and the Sadducees came out to see the crippled man walk around. They quickly knew that this was a great miracle indeed. But this miracle was a great treat to their religion which was Judaism and that it would draw people out of Judaism. Then they held Peter and John. In fact this revelation came to me from the Holy Spirit who opened my understanding to the passage and its relevant interpretations. So the Holy Spirit converted Peter and John’s mistake to glorify Jesus. Of course the Bible said “All things work for Good” that is both good and bad work together to bring glory to God Rom. 8:28


At this time Peter and john, in fact all the apostles never come to the full understanding of the setup of God’s programs. Even up till now we have not grasped the full knowledge. This is why some say “the Church would not see the great tribulation” and while others say “we shall see it”. The inability to see or observe these programs is the major reason of the confusion in Christendom. Yet another problem is “Who is qualified and who is not”.  “Who is called and who is not”. “Who has the knowledge and who has not”. Those who are not called in specific areas like “teaching about end time events” are confusing others on this subject. Again those who are called in those areas might not have the popularity.


So we are faced with so many problems and only God can help us out of this mess. I was saying it somewhere some time that Peter and John made a mistake at that early time, when they left the Holy Ghost at the Upper room and went to the Temple to pray, and somebody attacked me, and said it is not true. The problem in Christendom is the ability to see what another man is seeing. When you as a person could not see what the Spirit of God revealed to or is revealing to someone, you will be in doubt of what he or she is saying.  Especially when there is little record that show what you are saying, or there is no clear example of what you are saying. But we are taught not to doubt or argue the Spirit of God in his revelations. He might chose to reveal something unknown to us at any time.


What I’m saying about Peter and John’s mistake was not something someone will argue upon. Neither did I study about it from the Bible. No it was a revelation from the Spirit of God. This happened on a day a man of God was preaching about “the Resurrection and healing power in the name of Jesus”. As I was listening, the Spirit of God began to talk to me about the real cause of that miracle. In fact, I was in that meeting but I was not hearing the man of God who was shouting with microphone. I was hearing another message from the Spirit of God. He said “Do you know what really happened in that place at that time”? I said no in my heart because the man of God was shouting with the microphone. So I said no and began to listen to him. And he began to say

“In God’s structure which is given to you, go and see how it is. How and where the Father started his own job and where he stopped. Also see where Jesus started and where he stopped when he finished his own work and declared it finished. Now where Peter and John was operating in Acts Belong to me.  Of course you know the Church was inaugurated by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost Acts. 2.  Could you reason why Jesus after his resurrection, he was on earth for forty days (40) Acts. 1:3, and he didn’t enter the Temple again, no, not for one day until he ascended back to heaven? Why? Before the cross he took his disciples to the upper room to celebrate the Passover Mark 14. That Passover was not only the usual ceremony but it also meant the next coming program of God will Passover to the upper room, where it would continue. Jesus had earlier prophesied about the destruction of the Temple, so he took his ministry to the upper room Mk. 14.

But the Apostles Peter and John did not understand this at that time and they went back to pray at the Temple at the time of prayer.


The question is “what kind of prayer would they pray in the Temple, seeing that the Holy Spirit had given them utterance to speak with tongues when he descended on the day of Pentecost”? The Spirit continued, “I was expecting them at the upper room, but suddenly Peter and John decided to go to the Temple to pray. Then I said it appears that these men did not understand the programs of God. Then I said ok, let me follow them to the Temple. Reaching at the beautiful gate of the Temple, I magnified their eyes on the cripple that was laid at the gate, who was begging for arms from those entering into the Temple.  And I prompted Peter and John and they said to the cripple “Look on us, silver and gold have we non, but such as we have give we unto thee, at the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk”. And the lifted the crippled man and I healed him immediately Acts. 3:3-7.


Now this goes ahead to agree with Paul’s word to the Romans which says “All things work together for good to them that love God” Rom. 8:28. The Spirit said, “I converted the mistake of Peter and John into giving glory to the name of Jesus Christ from the Temple. This was the true reason of that miracle at the beautiful gate. Peter and John were key officers among the Apostles of Jesus, how would they not understand the program, but at that time they did not know it earlier. On the day that I said this is what the Spirit made me to know, someone argued it. He said the record is not true, because the Apostles were mandated to go and preach the Gospel to every creature, and that at time God was with them.


The question is not whether God was with them or not but that they did not understand that the next program was coming from the Spirit. Or that the Spirit would completely take over from Jesus to continue the programs of God to the end of the world. The Bible is divided into three major parts which shall be manned by the three personalities of God, according to I Jon. 5:7. The first part of the Bible is where the father worked and where he stopped. You can read about it in the blog “The Ark of Noah might be the first Bible” from the other blog in this site. Or you can also read about it from our sister site The second part is where Jesus stated his own work and where he also stopped. 


The third part is the last and where the Holy Spirit started and where he will also end it. This is going to the end of the world. All these you will read from my blogs. So the Apostles John and Peter were not to enter the Temple because the work of the Holy Spirit would start from the upper room, not from the Temple. Jesus extended the law Mat 5:17 and also finished it. It was the reason he did not enter into the Temple again after his resurrection while he stayed on earth for forty days Acts.1:3. If you do not know about this truth why do you argue blindly? No! Honestly what Peter and john did was a big mistake which was converted by the Holy Spirit.  But of course we have earlier said they were ignorant of the program of God at that time.  Yet even now a lot of Christian believers do not know that those Apostles made that mistake. It was one of the reasons Paul said “All things work together for good to them that love God”.  Having said this I want to congratulate my visitors for coming and updating their knowledge. Keep coming we have what you need and even if you fail to see what you are searching for, kindly contact us through the contact page and ask us anything from the Bible. Thank you so much.









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What is Easter? It is an ungodly festival which was derived from the Grecian kingdom and rested on Rome.  The name was “Ishtar or estorae”, but was renamed Easter. It was in the world before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is not a Christian program because it dated back before the emergence of Christianity. It was in no way related to or associated with the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ. It is very wrong to associate Easter with the resurrection of Jesus.  Jesus resurrected long before the Church was established or inaugurated at Jerusalem at the upper room.



Easter does not mean resurrection of Jesus Christ nor the Salvation of mankind.  It is in no way connected with Jesus resurrection or the Church of Christ. The Church of Christ had not been born when the resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred, therefore how could anyone associate the resurrection of Jesus with Easter and the Church? Let’s go to John’s book in Chapter 21 and see the resurrection of Jesus. Here there was nothing as Easter associated with his resurrection, and the Church had not been born. The Church was born 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection by the Holy Spirit who took over from him Acts 2. This happened on the day of Pentecost, a feast in Israel and the Jews. Again Easter entered into the Bible for the first time in connection with Apostle Peter’s arrest by king Herod.  


But Easter had been in the world before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, how is it associated with his resurrection? I guess those who argue much on this never have time for the Bible because this error is glaring.  There were so many things which were taught us when we were infants, and when we grew up we begin to laugh at such ideas.  For example, a young man heard from his teacher at school “that the sticks of sugar cane are the product used in producing sugar”. He didn’t hear very well that there are processes to go before it would form as a cube. He went home and bought the sticks to a large quantity, extracted the waters and put it into a pot and began to cook it. But before he knew what happened the waters had dried and the pot began to heat badly.  So we know from here that there is one error somewhere. It was either the teacher did not communicate well or the student didn’t understand him. But whatever happened thereafter, a mistake has been made.  


Now it is very wrong for Rome which killed all the Apostles and disciples of Jesus, and closed down his Church at Jerusalem, to begin to tell us that Easter was in connection with the resurrection of our lord, and we seem to listen to their fables.  If you do study your Bible, you must understand that Jesus resurrected and did not build the Church, but it was inaugurated by the Holy Spirit 10 days   after his ascension.  The Bible recorded that he was on earth after his resurrection 40 days with the disciples before his ascension Acts 1:3.


I recommend my book of Rapture to you, title, “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. This eBook shall display all the world powers of the Bible to you and you will see Rome’s position at the time of Christ. Jesus was born when Rome was the sixth world power. Just as America is the seventh and last world power now.  And whenever their time elapses, the eight which is the seven (Europe) comes back to power. And that would be the time the great tribulation shall start in the whole world.         


Rome was originally known with their Idols at that time. That was the reason the Emperors of Rome fought to destroy the Church. Have you not read about “the martyrs of Jesus”? What was the reason of the Martyrs and who martyred the Saints?  The Saints or Apostles of Jesus who established the Church by the Holy Spirit were attacked by Roman soldiers, under the command of the Emperors, trying to close down the Church because in God’s program, Rome stands out as an enemy till tomorrow. Read Daniel’s account on the fourth Beast Dan. 7:7. This passage says the terrible Beast would trample on the residue (Church) with the feet of it”. The feet of this Beast in God’s master plan is “Iron” read Dan. 2:40. Let’s continue with the record from the Bible.    


I have already said that Ishtar as an ungodly festival was in the world before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Jesus made mention of building his Church in Math 16:18, there was no Church in existence before then. He was the first to mention Church, as we know “the law of first mention”. This means whoever first says a thing or whoever creates a thing or a product will be referenced by others who may build on that product or may produce its kind later. Jesus as “the first and the last” Rev. 1:17, Isa.41:4 had to start the mention of Church in the world.  He said he would build his Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it Math. 16:18.



He foresaw Rome killing the saints and trying to close his Church and he prophesied about it. Many people do not know what is or what the gates of Hell were. If you ask many people about the gates of hell, they refer to “spirits or demons”.  Were the demons the ones who martyred the Church? Or were the saints martyred by the Roman Emperors through their soldiers? You do not understand this because you were not the one martyred, otherwise you would have known it by force.


It may interest you to know that Rome after closing down the Church by killing the Saint tried and assumed the first Church. This claim is what every Roman Catholic knows and says till tomorrow. They were earlier barred from reading the Bible, so that the Holy Spirit would not open their eyes as they read the bible. They have many assumptions which they assume, among them was that Easter means resurrection of Jesus Christ. If they claim such assumption because they are blind to the Scriptures, are you also blind? If they are asked not to read the Bible, who is there to stop you from reading and studying it?


But I have some tips for you. Do you know that they are opposed to all of God’s programs? Okay, where do they keep the second commandment in Ex. 20:4-6? It is none existent in their Catechism. What of when God through Paul gave us his word “that every man aspiring to lead the Church (must) be the husband of one wife”? I Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:4-7. Do they obey it? All their Priests are unmarried from the least to the greatest. Not one married but they are using women here and there, and have left even the sisters provided them to enter the society. They have blinded the eyes of their people with assumptions that they no longer reason well again. Those who study the Bible and come to this knowledge were attacked with treat against their lives. Many are dying in silence because they have taken that oath unknowingly, and they do not know what to do.   


The Church at Jerusalem lived above 300 years before the enthronement of Emperor Constantine the great, who when he mounted the throne ordered that no killing of the saints should continue. You can browse the net and get more information on “The Martyrs of Jesus”. Constantine stopped the killing of the saints but inflicted a more severe injury on the church.



He stopped the killing of the saints but ordered that “Anyone who does not worship God on the first day should be killed”. He was instrumental to the changing of the Sabbath day to “the day of the sun”, otherwise known as “the day of sun or sun-god”. This was the day they worship the sun. Now this day is reorganized as Sunday and no longer as “the day of the sun”. This sun was their male god while their female god was the moon.  So they cunningly changed “the moon day” to “Monday”. They removed one o in order to remove the understanding from those who might argue it, or try to educate others on the issue.


What we are using in the whole world except Israel is the Roman calendar. Every day is associated with a god. Thus they have fulfilled Daniel’s prophecy that says “And they shall think to change times and law” Dan. 7:25. They have done it. The Sabbath day is now on Sunday while the days go after their gods. But do you know that God has not changed the Sabbath day and will not change it? If you say anything to open the eyes of your own people, your own people will attack you first before they come.     Help us O God!


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I Chron.5:2


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This is a continuation of “As Jacob blessed his children changes were made”. This topic is in one of my site   Yea, when he (Jacob) came to his fourth son Judah, he had no impediment that would stop him from being blessed; Jacob poured out many blessings on him. You can click on the link to read about “As Jacob blessed his children changes were made”. Then Jacob began to say that Judah was a lion’s whelp. That he will hold his enemies at their neck as do lions to all others even on humans. Jacob blessed him so much that Jesus had to take to himself the title of “Lion of the tribe of Judah” Rev. 5:5. All that Jacob prophesied about Judah and the Lion was fulfilled by Jesus, read the book of John 8, where Jesus stooped down to fulfill that prophecy.

So when the Bible says “Judah prevailed above his brethren” in I Chron. 5:2, it means that Judah overtook all his brethren to get the blessings of his father. It also meant that Judah had overtaken all who were born before him and took the birthright out from Rueben and now he is number one tribe in Israel. We observe from the sealing program of God that Judah now starts the programs of God because Jesus is involved in the whole exercise. If you Rev. 7:4-8 you will see that Judah is now the number one tribe in the sealing program, while Reuben who supposed to be the number one is now the number two. This setting is not to be reversed again. Reuben was even cursed by Jacob for defiling his father’s wife who was Bilhah, the maid of Rachael who later became Jacob’s wife.

From Reuben, Simeon to Levi none of these three men were blessed by Jacob in the blessings before his death in Egypt. Reuben was cursed and replaced with Ephraim the second son of Joseph. Dan the son of Bilhah was cursed and replaced with Manasseh, the first son of Joseph. The sons of Joseph were not originally among the twelve tribes. These were born to Joseph in Egypt. And Jacob said he adopted them to become his own children Gen.48:5. Manasseh who was Joseph’s first son was permanently used to replace Dan, the son of Jacob whose mother committed adultery with Reuben.  Ephraim was permanently used to replace Reuben because of his action with his father’s wife, but because he was restored by Moses Deut.33:6, God allowed him to occupy the position of the second tribe in the sealing program Rev:7:5.  On the day Jacob was praying for them in the presence of Joseph, it was the day he installed them. Jacob placed his right hand on Ephraim, showing that it is permanent on Reuben, but Reuben escaped through Moses. Joseph saw it and was grieved, because he supposed that his father would have placed his right hand on his first born Manasseh.  Instead Jacob placed his right hand on the second son Ephraim. Therefore he wanted to change them position, but Jacob refused it and said to him “I know it my son” Gen.48:17-20.

Jacob transferred his aggression from his wife Bilhah, who committed the adultery to her son Dan. One believes that Jacob should have punished his wife for her action, and not to transfer that issue to her son who was innocent. Although the bible said when Jacob heard it, he kept quiet, may be waiting for a day like this, he finished them. He said “Dan shall be a serpent by the way” Gen. 49:17. This meant that Dan was not allowed to continue as a tribe in Israel, and check it, he is not a tribe any more in Israel till today. Most of Jacob’s wishes were upheld by God, except on Reuben. And Dan actually turned away from them on the way, ie in the wilderness. They fought a war with Laish, defeated them and took up their gods and began to serve the gods of the people they defeated Jgs. 17-18. By so doing they were removed as Jacob expected.      

So in the prevailing of Judah above his brethren, it means that even today, Judah is now the number one tribe while Reuben comes to the second position. Never again will Reuben smell that seat as first born with the birthright in not only Israel, but also in heaven. It is gone and gone forever. He should even be happy with Moses for his restoration. Now Judah leads other tribes of Israel and there is no controversy.  When Moses was alive and wanted to choose a city in which to place the name of God in Israel, the Lord chose the tribe of Judah. And in the tribe of Judah is Jerusalem, the capital of both Israel and Judah, the city of God. Jerusalem is the city of David, a man after God’s heart. This is why Jerusalem shall not be handed over to the Arabs. It is the city of our God. Even the Persian king Cyrus recognized that Jerusalem is in Judah 2 Chron. 36:22 23.   

So what are we saying? Judah prevailed above his brethren because he also was the one who stood in for Benjamin when Joseph wisely seized Benjamin in Egypt. Judah was given the position that was originally Reuben’s. Therefore is the conclusion of “As Jacob blessed his children changes were made”. Contact us for any confusion on any topic through our email address at the contact page. Like us in twitter and facebook.





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                                            THEY WERE CLOTHED BEFORE THEIR


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I have read with keen interest some write ups from the scriptures and they are not actually the truth. One of such topics was “how Adam and Eve were naked when they were expelled from the Garden of Eden”. It was one of the write ups which was also supported with pictures showing Adam and his wife running away from the Garden. These pictures were drawn by those who taught us the word of God when we were yet little children. Now that we are grownups, and we can now read the Bible by ourselves, we have discovered some little faults from our fore fathers and teachers. I believe it might interest you to read and to know the truth from this blog site, because this site is word based though we may show some secular articles in it at different times.



As we grow up and become born again by the mercies of the lord we begin to look into some of these topics and write-ups and see where they have some mistakes. And we will not just follow their mistakes no, but we will try our very best through the eternal Spirit to make some corrections.  Even though they tried on their own to show us some of those pictures which made us to feel sorry for our first Parents Adam and Eve, that was their level of knowledge of the scriptures at that time. But now we have a duty to lead the next generation with the truth. Adam and his wife Eve were not naked when they were running out of the Garden. The Bible has this to say about their departure from the Garden that they were clothed.


On the day God came down to have fellowship with Adam and his wife, because he used to come down at the cool of the day according to the Bible and had fellowship with them, but on this day he discovered that they were no longer at their usual position. Then God called out on Adam saying “Adam, Adam where are you”? From his hideout among the trees he answered “I heard thy voice in the Garden, I was afraid, because I was naked and I hid myself” Gen. 3:10. Although he did not just answer God’s question, his answer immediately revealed to God that he had eaten the forbidden fruit.  Then God quickly replied him “who told you that you were naked, have you eaten the fruit which I told you not to eat” Gen. 3:11. God knew immediately that he had eaten the fruit, because it was only that fruit in the Garden that could open their eyes. Instead of saying I’m sorry to God, he then returned the blame to God by saying “the woman you gave to me, she gave the fruit and I did eat”, as if what God did to him in giving him a wife was wrong. That was a wrong impression on God by our first Parent Adam. But God was and is still merciful.


Adam acted as a sharp guy before his maker but he never knew that God was sharper and super sharp than him. God does not take excuses from man, neither would he take blames from human beings.  Ok Adam said the woman you gave me, she gave the fruit to eat and I did eat, that’s fine. God turned to the woman and said “what is this that thou has done”? She also was a sharp woman and she equally shifted her fault to the Serpent and said, “the Serpent beguiled me and I did eat”.  One thing was obvious, God began at the Serpent first in punishing them by saying to the Serpent “because you have done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every Beast of the field. Upon thy belly shall thou go, and dust shall thou eat all the days of thy life”Gen.3:14. From this moment, the Serpent which was like a cattle was recreated immediately, and it started licking the dust as its food.


Then God turned to the woman and said “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow, and thy conception; in sorrow thou shall bring forth children, and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee” Gen.3:16. Coming to the man from where he started he said “because thou has hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and has eaten of the tree of which I commanded thee saying, thou shall not eat of it; cursed is the ground for thy sake. In sorrow shall thou eat of it all the days of thy life. Thorns and also thistles shall it bring forth to thee, and thou shall eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread till thou return unto the ground. For dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return” Gen. 3:17-19.


In verse 20, the Bible said that Adam called the name of his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all living”, i.e. mother of all human beings. So it was Adam who gave name to his wife not God. But in verse 21 something great happened, and it was the reason this post is written. God himself having heard about the complaint from Adam that he was naked did not leave them like that, no.  He went forth and killed a Lamb and used the skin of that Lamb to make coat or Apron for them and clothed them before he expelled them from the Garden of Eden. That was where the Lamb of God was killed for the first time. Adam and his wife were part of God’s plan of Salvation for mankind. They enjoyed the salvation that was in Christ Jesus who is the Lamb of God.


 And that is why the reference said “the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world” Rev. 13:8b. I told you that this site is word based. Come here to search for that article that you are searching for.  We promise that if   you don’t see it here kindly use the email address above the page to indicate that you want it and we shall provide it for you.  You can now see that God did not leave them naked before expelling them from the Garden. Our God is the all wise God, there is no way he could expel them like that, no. he clothed them before expelling them out from the Garden of Eden.


God could have left them in the Garden but for the tree of life which was also in the Garden. If by omission or commission they eat from the tree of life, they would live forever without dying again. But that would bring the word of God to naught, for he said “in the day that thou eatest of it, thou shall surely die” Gen. 2:17. So God drove them out of the Garden because of the tree of life Gen. 3:24, and placed the Cherubims there.  And from that time till now, those cherubims had been there, and their name have been changed to Angels as at today.   




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A lot of people have written about Rapture, all according to what they were taught or in accordance to what they believed. But the real truth of all is that there must be a Rapture in the Future.  Rapture is a message of end time which is under the topic ‘’eschatology’’. Eschatology is a derivation of two Greek words 1. ‘’Eschatos’’ meaning ‘’last things or ‘’last events’’. 2. ‘’Logos’’ meaning ‘’study’’ ‘’discourse’’ or ‘’Doctrine’’. Therefore eschatology is a branch of theology concerned with the last things or the last events which shall lead us to the second coming of Christ for the Rapture of the Church. In view of this, eschatology is viewed under four perspectives

1. Preterists which believes that there is nothing as Rapture to take place in the future.

2. Historicists which believe that Rapture must take place through history.

 3. Idealists which believe that Rapture must go through patterns.

4. Futurists which believe that Rapture is a thing of the future. And in accordance with this particular view, this teaching is coming to you because we believe that Rapture is a future event.



Since we believe that Rapture is a thing of the future, what we are immediately waiting for now is not Rapture, instead we are waiting for the great tribulation, which Jesus informed us would take place before his appearance in the cloud Matt. 24:29-31. Rapture is God’s program of lifting his saints up from the earth, but some people are now thinking that God does not know what to do when God’s saints are faced with tribulation, instead that it is better that we run away before the antichrist comes into the world. If some Pastors do not know about this topic very well, Jesus knows it well and we should take his word on this issue. They should allow those whom God called in this area to teach them on this topic or message. I would even recommend that you obtain my eBook of Rapture and study about it well. There is no scripture that indicate Rapture before the great tribulation.


Please obtain it by typing the keyword ‘’Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future’’ into Google and it shall be displayed to you, just follow their instructions to download the book. You can also get it from these companies which is the publisher and from all bookstores worldwide.   It will give you information you have never heard or known. Whose report would you believe? If Jesus said he is coming after tribulation and you don’t believe him, is it whose fault? When Jesus was teaching this topic to his apostles, he made it clear when he would come. He is coming ‘’Post trib’’ which means ‘’after the tribulation of those days’’ and not before the tribulation of those days Matt.24:29.  Jesus’ teaching here was derived from what Prophet Daniel had written. Daniel said ‘’I beheld and the same horn (antichrist) made war with the saints and prevailed against them, until the ancient of days came and judgment was given to the saints of the most high’’ Dan.7:21-22.


If you don’t understand what he was saying, he said ‘’he was shown in a video how the antichrist (the horn) was making war with the members of the Church (the  saints) and the antichrist was killing us’’. As he was looking to that video, and this was going on until the ancient of days which is Jesus came (for Rapture) and rescued us and judgment was given in our favour. Jesus said ‘’when you see the abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, let him that readeth understand’’ Matt. 24:15. Let me give you a little explanation of what Jesus taught in that passage. There is no other way out. You must prepare now for the great tribulation before Rapture.




When I confronted a Pre tribulation teacher with this question, he said ‘’the teachings of Jesus in the book of Mathew 24 were exclusively to the Jews and not to the Church. Such teaching was not taught the Church, and so we are going before the coming of the antichrist, that’s all I know’’. The worst thing is that the teachers of Pre tribulation view are not teachable.  You cannot call them to reason at least what they say. If the teachings of Jesus in the book of Mathew 24 were exclusively to the Jews, where is the exclusive teaching of Rapture to the Gentiles?  Jesus’ commandment to the Apostles was that they should not move away from Jerusalem until they receive power from above Acts. 1:4-8. But when they receive the power from above, then they would start from Jerusalem to Judea, from Judea to Samaria, and from Samaria to the rest of the world, which was what happened and how they started their way till the Gospel reached the Gentiles.  On the day of Pentecost the Power from heaven descended which is the Holy Spirit Acts. 2. Now tell me how this teacher would not know how the Gentiles received the Gospel he is preaching. Well I tried to convince him but I couldn’t succeed because he had already concluded that he would never change his mind even if his belief fails after all. Then shall anything save this man in the period if eventually he lives at that time? No!



Pre tribulation teachers and believers who believe that they would not see the great tribulation or the antichrist have problem in defining the word ‘’antichrist’’ and its application.  Just ask any Pre tribulation teacher or believer to define the word antichrist and apply the word to the teaching. Hear them ‘’antichrist means the one who opposes or who is against Christ in the world’’. You say yea, now apply it, who is the Christ in the world today which he shall be against. They say ‘’antichrist is coming to punish those who did not know Christ or those who did not take him serious in their lives. But as for those who love him, they would go before the coming of antichrist and his great tribulation’’. Do you see their knowledge? Who is the Christ in the world, is it not the Church? What is wrong in the minds of these our people? They do well in definition but misapply in application.


At this answer I took him up again and asked ‘’do you mean that the Christ in the world are those who do not take Christ serious in their lives or those who do not know him’’? He said, no. Then why the misapplication? Do you see such contradiction? But in application he said antichrist is coming against those who do not know Christ or take him serious in their lives. They say one thing in definition and another thing in application. This is one of the reasons which shall cause ‘’their falling away first’’ according to Paul in 2Thess. 2:2-3. The Christ in the world as at today is the Church, and the antichrist is coming to oppose or to be against the Church.  I said in the book of Rapture that those who are not members of the Church shall not be in tribulation. They shall enjoy all the pleasures of the period because they shall comply quickly with him in taking his mark, name and his number, very sharp. Only the members of the Church shall be in the great tribulation and we are the ones who shall resist him and his mark, name and number. What it means is that they shall seize all our monies in the banks. Yes, when they code every product with the number 666, or with his name and mark, they would demand that everyone in the world should cue up and update to the latest world Government’s rule. We shall not agree to update our account numbers with these options of 1. The Mark of the Beast 2. The name of the Beast and 3. The number of his name which is 666. And at this point comes the Biblical word that says ‘’and that no man might buy or sell save he that has the mark, or the name of the Beast or the number of his name’’ Rev.13:17.


If anyone defines the word antichrist and gets the application, such a person shall not believe on Pre tribulation teaching. Pre tribulation says ‘’the Church shall not see the antichrist or experience the great tribulation’’. Looking at this view it seems better that the Church should not experience this awful period, but it will cause the members of the Church to fall out of faith before the actual time of Rapture.  Those who do not have the correct teaching will finally fall away, saying that the word of God has failed to be true at last. This is the reason I’m bringing the right teaching to you. This area of message was given to me to preach and to teach the Church the correct view, yet it depends on who is ready for the truth. Paul noticed that some people will not accept the love of the truth that they might be saved 2Thess.2:9-10.  Once and again I ask you to obtain my eBook of Rapture, type the keyword ‘’Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future’’ you will have the complete knowledge of this event from the book of Genesis to Revelation.


Go to the heading in the book and see ‘’window old and new’’ and study how the ATM cards, the credit cards and all the cash cards shall be used at that time.  Do you not have them or are you not making use of them now? But at that time it will be used to track you to the kingdom of Satan, except you have the correct understanding of this event.



It will be great to explain that he taught the Church at Thessalonica about this event. But Pre tribulation teachers and believers do not understand Paul’s message to this Church. First he taught them not to sorrow much after their departed saints, saying that they were not lost if they were in Christ. That at his appearing he will come with a shout and with the Trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first. And we who are alive then shall be changed within a twinkle of the eye to join them in the air, and so shall we be with the Lord IThess.4:16-18. I believe that after this letter Paul later went to Thessalonica and taught them on Post tribulation view. You might ask ‘’how true’’? His second letter showed it off. Some teachers after his teaching went to the Church and taught them that Rapture had occurred and that they should not expect it. Based on this teaching the Church sent a group of people to go and search for Paul being afraid if they would see him. But when they saw him they narrated all their stories to him and he was wrought with them.


In the opening of his second letter in the second Chapter he said ‘’concerning what you wrote to me about the coming of the lord Jesus Christ and our gathering to him. Let no man deceive you by any means, whether by word or by spirit or by   letter saying this letter is from us. That day shall not come, except there comes a falling away first, and that man of sin revealed, the son of perdition’’ 2Thess. 2:1-3.



Paul was angry with that teaching which said that Rapture had occurred already at that time. He then wrote to them that they should not allow anyone to deceive them, whether through the word. Yes some people would say that they had studied the word of God and come the conclusion that Rapture must occur before the great tribulation, it is not true. Others might say a spirit said Rapture must take place before the antichrist comes, and the Church shall not experience the great tribulation, it is not true. This is where Pre tribulation was found because Pre trib was developed by John Nelson Darby when after he heard from a young unmarried Scottish lady who was prophesying in 1880, that Jesus told her that the Church would not enter the great tribulation. Then John was in the Bible College, and within ten years, about the year 1830, he was through drafting Pre tribulation theory. So Pre tribulation teaching is new to the scriptural teaching which was ‘’Post tribulation’’. Now Paul continued by saying, ‘’whether by letter as rom us’’. He knew that Satan might influence some people who would present a letter to the Church and say, this letter is from Paul and his company saying that Rapture must take place before the great tribulation, and that the Church would not enter the tribulation. Paul fore warned the Church and his warnings are not taken by many.



After teaching the Church not to allow anyone to deceive them by any means, he went ahead to give them the formula they should watch. What should help them to know the time of Rapture. Paul informed them that they should watch out when the man of sin (the Beast or antichrist) would enter into the Temple of God and claim that he is God. Before then he shall oppose all daily service pattern and sit on God’s seat 2Thess.2:4. Except you see this, there will be no Rapture.  This in effect was Jesus’ teaching when he said ‘’when you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet in Matt. 24:15. It was what wrote in 2Thess.2:4. If the Church at Thessalonica was asked by Paul to watch this formula, all Churches of Christ are to take this teaching serious all over the world. This teaching is called ‘’Post Tribulation’’ meaning ‘’immediately after the tribulation of those day’’ Matt. 24:29-31.  This was Apostle Paul’s teaching to the Church.



Little children, it is the last time, and as you have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists, whereby we know it is the last time’’ I Jon. 1:18. Apostle John was the only man that gave him the name ‘’antichrist’’. Paul called him ‘’the man of sin’’ 2Thess.2:2-3. John said to the Church, ‘’you have heard that antichrist shall come’’. If the Church would go before the coming of antichrist, what is he coming to do? The rest of the people who are not members of Christ belong to him already, and he is not coming against them, because they are one with him. Why should the Church be informed when we shall leave before his coming?  If the Church should go before the coming of antichrist, the information we are arguing upon or rather which is passed to us as the Christ is useless.


Apostle John in passing that information was warning the Church about the teaching which they had communicated to them about the man of sin (antichrist). He went further to say that even at that time there were many antichrists, and that it made them to know that it was the last time or the last days as we call it now. He said they were among them before, but had to leave in other to manifest where they actually belonged, and then they began to oppose or withstand the Apostles. With this information from John, do you not agree that all the Apostles taught on Post tribulation in their days? As I said earlier the Bible was concluded with this teaching, and Pre tribulation was a teaching from the 19th Century. When John Nelson drafted the teaching in the 19th Century, it was publicized by C.I. Scoffield in his reference Bible, which escalated the Pre tribulation theory to the world.

Now you have the right to believe what you want but you have no right to decide when your lord will come to take you up. Even if you don’t in him, he won’t do anything to you now. You are in control and in charge of your life now. But there is a time he will be in charge and he shall be over all with absolute power.  That time you will cease to parade yourself and become a dull baby, and whatever he decides takes effect on you.  At that time you can’t even question him. Now I’m pleading to you, know the truth and follow me to believe on Post tribulation. Paul said we shall go through much Persecution and tribulation to the kingdom of God Acts. 14:22.

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Case study, Jacob and Esau

Gen. 25: 21-26.




Throughout scripture the case of Esau and Jacob is well known. It is not because there were no twins born before them, no but due to their peculiar issue. This issue was especially how Jacob was able to take away the birthright of Esau with a pot of soup in the first place. In the second issue Rebecca was instrumental to Jacob’s taking away of Esau’s blessing from his father. But in the whole exercise we see God fulfilling his purpose for mankind with Jacob.  The most important aspect is that what God said concerning humanity was fulfilled at the end.  The Bible has it that the promise which God made to Abraham was to pass from him to son Isaac to rest on Jacob not Esau Ps.1:8-11. So we see that even in this game from Jacob, God could be seen at the centre. But we do not blame him in any way because Isaiah said he is doing his will Isa. 46:9.10. If you create a world you will do what you please.  Before Jacob’s games he had been chosen by God. The only question we are asking is, “was there no other way to bring God’s purpose into effect than playing Esau with his birthright”?   Well, this may have been the only way to fulfill it, or that God left them to use their own way.


From the text above we see Jacob beloved more than Esau as God chose him Gen.25:23. God said, “The Elder shall serve the younger”. Only this statement from the Lord is enough to position somebody into an enviable one. Even if that person was at the back before, this statement will bring him forward to the first position, no matter how one tries, the word of God is able and it is what places you in accordance to his will.  When God makes a choice, no matter how you try, you can’t cross over it. This was the case of Esau. Jacob’s schemes over Esau were from here.  Jacob was not all that wise so to say, but you see, God’ choice must prevail over all others. You may ask, “Does it mean that God supports evil”? Apostle Paul also traced this issue to such question asking “If it is so, why doth he yet find fault with man, for who hath resisted his will”? Rom. 9:19. He was able to give back the answer saying “who art thou man that replies God”? That God made the choice of Jacob when the children were yet not born. When nothing would be recorded for or against any of them as per their behavioral characters, yet God knows who would be good or bad when such a person is yet in the womb. This goes ahead to agree with what God said to Jeremiah saying “Before you entered your mother’s womb I knew you, and before you came forth out of the womb, I ordained you a Prophet” Jer. 1:6. No one would claim that God does not know him or her. Even though some might claim so, but their claims are not true. We are going to discuss the case of Jacob and Esau properly.


Biologically and literally in every home, the first child that is born into a family or from a twin pregnancy is the first child. This applies whether the child is a male or female. But the first male child takes the son-ship inheritance of the family with the birthright of that family. Women may take the birthright while they remained in the family, but the moment they got married, they may cease taking it from the family with her siblings. Like the people of Israel, in our family setup, women are not to take any inheritance in the family. The reason is not farfetched, they will marry and leave the family to go with their husbands and build their own families elsewhere. So in this setup, how can we prove between the case of Esau and Jacob, who was actually the first born? Although the Bible says Esau came out first and Jacob then came out.

And God said the Elder shall serve the younger. But we should consider that their struggle started from the womb of Rebecca.  What were they struggling about? They were struggling about the birthright that belongs to the first born. This is my own belief, I don’t know about your own idea. I have a different belief here that Jacob might have been the first to be conceived inside the womb. My reason and belief came from studying the Word. I came to where God informed Moses to tell Pharaoh that Israel was his first born Ex. 4:232. You may say God was saying a different thing here. What I believe is that first born is first born anywhere. Let us try to discover why God made that statement in the first place. It is not because he loved Jacob more that Esau, no I’m having a deeper and different understanding of the thing altogether.


What I’m saying now is what I believe after studying Ex. 4:22. God said Israel was his first born. This brought me into a serious thought and finally I came up with this belief. In conception, though only God knows when it takes place inside the womb. I am of the opinion that in the case of a twin Pregnancy that results in giving birth to twin babies, the first child that is conceived inside the womb is the second one that comes out, why? The first one that entered into the womb, seeing his brother or sister coming gives way for him/her to come in. By so doing he or she goes more in into the womb, just to accommodate his/her brother or sister.  When the second one enters into the womb, he or she blocks the road or closes the womb when no other one is coming.

Even if they are triplets or more, I believe that this is the way they gather at the womb. Now in delivery, the last one to be conceived which closed up the womb is the first to go out or delivered, while the first one to enter becomes the last one to be delivered. I want my fans to believe what I believe, and even you will disagree with me now, a time comes that you will agree with me.   I believe this was the reason Esau and Jacob were struggling inside Rebecca’s womb.  I also believe this gave additional right to Jacob for tricking Esau the second time, in spite of the fact that Rebecca loved Jacob more than Esau. Although God had earlier made choice between them and had chosen Jacob. But Esau was Isaac’s choice because he was his first born, secondly because of his bush meat which he used to enjoy always. It maybe that Esau didn’t allow his mother Rebecca to enjoy his meat at all, and even Jacob. We think it might be one of the reasons Jacob insisted that unless Esau sold his birthright to him, he would not give him his porridge to eat, no matter how hungry he was at that time.   


When Jacob and Esau were struggling inside the womb, Rebecca was greatly troubled within her.  Therefore she enquired from God’s prophets about her troubles and she was told by God that “two manners of people were inside her womb, and that the Elder which was Esau would serve the younger which was Jacob”. God might have seen that Jacob was conceived first, and that he gave Esau chance to come in, and that at delivery Esau must be delivered first before Jacob, the reason the children struggled while inside the womb. Even though God loved Jacob and his generation, to be used in blessing and fulfilling his promise to Abraham Ps. 105:8-11, Jacob had a good disposition in himself

So what made God to choose Jacob was that he sees inside the heart of everyone and knows who to use for any purpose, and who not to choose.  Yes, the Bible declares that every heart is open to him, whether we believe it or not, he sees all.

He might have agreed with Jacob that he was conceived first before Esau, and that if that pregnancy was single, he would not have given chance to any one inside the womb. He would be born as the first child in the family, and would not struggle with any one for his birthright. So the struggle inside the womb was all about the birthright. You could see how Jacob insisted that Esau should give him his birthright before he would give him that pot to eat. This meant that even from the womb Jacob had been struggling for that issue before they were born. Even at delivery, Jacob still held his heel Gen. 25:26, this is wonderful to hear of newly born babies.  We see that Jacob by this singular act was telling Esau that he was the rightful owner of that birthright.

We believe that God has the right to chose who owns what, like in the case of David and his brothers. The youngest among eight was chosen to be king. There was no question for this, as God was involved. But in the case of Esau and Jacob, I believe that what I said is correct in every good sense. But if you believe it is not so, you can write your comment in the contact/comment page. You can also contact me through my email address at the contact page. Thank you and God bless.

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The concept of Democracy is taken from Biblical view in this context. Democracy as you know it may be different here. You may be surprised to learn from me a different type of democracy, or what democracy really is. Yet this view is true as it is a Biblical issue and this concept started with Lucifer before the heavens and earth were created. Therefore we ask you to be patient and read with care in other to understand fully all we have to offer here. We are not going to tell you how Democracy started here on earth because we believe you know it, but we are going to show you the idea of it from heaven. And right there in eternity before creation, it was started with Lucifer, “son of the morning” now Satan or the Devil, that old Serpent Rev.12:7-9; Isa.14:12-14.


WHERE IT STARTED: Isa. 14:12-14.

The idea of Democracy too, to many people it was a worldly concept, but to some of us who are conversant with the Bible, it originated before the heavens, how? On a particular day Lucifer who was the “son of the morning” according to Isaiah 14:12-14, decided to have a different thought in himself. He might have wondered how many trillion or zillion years (eternity past) God might have been ruling from the time he could remember. He was created by God and considering the time he imagined, he thought that at least God should step down for him to begin to rule from the realm of eternity. What he did not know was that as he was thinking, his thoughts were being intercepted, observed and seen by God at the same time. He did not understand that God was and is “the silent listener to every conversation”.


So when this thought was observed in him, he was promptly cast down from heaven. You might ask “did you not say before the creation of heaven and earth”? Yes we since could not talk more about the events of eternity past, we use heavens and the earth to make it clearer.  And in trying to cast him down, there was war in heaven Rev. 12:7-8. See, this Lucifer got 1/3 of Angels who were loyal to him. That 1/3 of God’s Angels supported him and all of them were cast down to the earth. And the Bible said “their place will no more be found in heaven. After casting them down, their names were changed from Angels to Demons or Devils, while Lucifer himself received the special name of “Satan”, “the Devil” “that old Serpent”, “accuser of the brethren” etc Rev. 12:9. Democracy therefore was derived from here. It is defined as “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. It is a type of government where majority of people decides who rules them, if it is done in a normal way. This was the concept which Lucifer advocated for the people in heaven before the world was created. This was actually what the Devil thought should happen in heaven, but he was wrong. God created the heavens and the earth and he is not to struggle with anyone about it.


In the world today, if any government is derailing from what it supposes to do, people will shout out and others would challenge it. But it is not so with God. He does not derail, does not grow old or weak. Always wise and knows everything and even holds the lives of the whole world in his hands. Even though some people think he is weak and old, no he has a program, which is going on and he does not stop his program for another, but finishes it before setting up the other. He does not operate with Democracy because he has no other one to handover. He is operating with “Theocracy” which is, “what I want, what I said is the one happening and must take place at any time” Isa.46:9-10. Theocracy is what God is using and he does not need your own opinion, because your own opinion would not stand before him correct.


But this is the system we know as Democracy in the world today. It is revolving in the world around people. John would enter into an elective office today, tomorrow it is Luke. Now with God there is nothing as Democracy only Theocracy. This is so because no one existed with him in eternity past but from Lucifer’s time, he thought God should handover to him. Or maybe on his second thought he believed he would ascend to the heights of the cloud Isa.14:14 and take it by force if God refuses to hand over to him.  Of course all ideas about “coup de tat” are from heaven and from Lucifer.  But he failed in his bid; he could not carry out his enterprises.  Whatever you see today which are contrary to God’s own system are products of Satan, and the people of the world are hailing him. They would hail him again through the Beast. Get the eBook titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.


We are comfortable with God and his system. They are good to us because we are loyal to him just as 1/3 of the angels of God went over to Lucifer or Satan. But thank God he has the majority of the Angels. If Satan had gotten 2/3 then we are finished. Of course God would clear them one time. He didn’t waste time in destroying the world of Noah, because of the level of corruption in the world then. Now this Democracy is causing problems here and there. Some group of people might feel that this man and his government are not getting it, so there is need to stop them in one way or the other, and that government will not sit down and watch these people put them out of office, and then there will be trouble in the world. In all, Democracy is a worldly type of government. It is filled with corruption no matter who are involved or where it is practiced.This concept came right from heaven and from the Devil or Satan.


God and his government is Theocracy, which means that he will continue to from heaven to the kingdom of men forever. No one created it for him to snatch it from him. He created it by his own wisdom and had been maintaining it right from day one to the end of the world. He does not grow weak or old in other to hand over to another.






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                                 The ark of Noah was likely the first Bible






Has it occurred to you before, or has it been revealed to you by the Lord that the Ark of Noah was the first Bible? Now before you shout ‘’Heresy, heresy’’ like the Jews and say what is this man saying? I want to reveal to you what I first of all received from the Lord. When the Ark of Noah appeared to my eyes, I thought it could be held with the hands, but it vanished out of my eyes. Then I prayed that it might return, and it later came back, and became clearer to my inner eyes and it has not disappeared again till now. This is possible because I have been appointed by God to reveal the end time mystery to the Church of Christ in this generation, only if they will search it out from this site, Praise God! 


Then I went to one computer house to search for the Ark to see if I could use it to convey to the people the message which the Lord has given to me, but the one I saw was like the modern ship. It lacked all the features which I saw with the eye of the spirit in the Ark of Noah according to scriptural specifications. I went back home and resorted to drawing it by myself in other to put it in the way it was shown to me with all of its features in accordance with the Bible.   So it was not like the modern day ship, no! Therefore anyone who shows the Ark of Noah like the modern day ship will not actually showcase the scriptural features of the Bible, because the Ark must be in agreement with the features of the Bible. 


You too may not have come to this knowledge that the Ark of Noah was the first Bible. Then since you may not have seen it or heard about this idea before from your trusted teachers and mentors, it is therefore important that you first read the contents of this article or topic, understand what it is saying and know where it is going before you could attack it. But I believe it will impart more knowledge to you when you concentrate to read it.


Actually we knew nothing before about the Ark in relating to the Bible, only that God used it to deliver Noah and his family with a few animals and Birds during the destruction of the first world. But under this concept lies a great mystery undisclosed to man. This is therefore a product of revelation, which is meant for our generation in the last days. I demand that you make a fine study from this blog. It will enrich your spiritual knowledge and empower you to understand the Bible the more.  More revelations about the world and the heavens are yet underway. God does not want his people to continue in ignorance.


Any revelation from heaven or from the Lord is not for personal enjoyment and must be given to those to whom it is meant to be given.  Revelation cannot be disproved easily or approved either, but they could be proved or disproved only through the Word. Any revelation which goes outside of the Word is not from the Lord or from heaven. Therefore I would like to show you what God revealed to me about the Ark of Noah, happy reading.




‘’And God said unto Noah, the end of all flesh is come before me: for the earth is filled with violence through them, and behold, I will destroy them with the earth.  Make thee an ark of gopher wood, rooms shall thou make in the ark: and shall pitch it within and without with pitch. And this is the fashion which thou shall make it of: the length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits. A window shall thou make to the ark and in a cubit shall thou finish it above: the door of the ark shall thou set in the side thereof, with lower, second and third storeys shall you make it’’ Gen. 6:13-16 KJV.     



The Ark was built with Gopher or Cyprus wood because it would sail on the waters during the flood. And I believe that Noah was somehow educated to be able to note all that God said to him about the Ark. This was the first human involvement in science and technology. There is no gain saying that Noah wrote it down before he could venture to build the first ship as the first scientist on earth. The Ark was made up of three Divisions or partitions.  It was built with three (Floors) i.e 1. the ‘’LOWER’’ division or the ground floor of the Ark.  2. the ‘’SECOND’’ division or the first floor, and 3. the ‘’THIRD’’ division or the second and last floor of the Ark all in Gen. 6:16.  So you can see that it was a two storey building like we have it in our modern day. This was how the Ark was made.


The Ark was built with Bitumen for mortar which held the woods together and no Nail was used on it. And it was sealed all round so that water could not penetrate inside it from any angle. God said to Noah, ‘’thou shall pitch it with Pitch within and without’’. Pitch means seal, i.e to cover the Ark properly. Therefore God said you will seal it with seal.  And ‘’within and without’’ means ‘’inside and outside’’ with seal. This is the pattern of the Bible which is sealed ‘’inside and at the backside’’ Ezk. 2:9-10; Rev. 5:1.  Watch out for all the features of the Ark in the Bible. Please make every effort to read all the scriptural references for clarity sake. When you study it very well you will agree with what I said about the Ark.


The ground floor was where the big animals stayed; the center floor was where the lighter animals and birds lived during the deluge. While Noah and his family members went upstairs at the last floor or ‘’the third storey’’ to live. We believe that God removed hunger and enmity among them during that period, for they were living without hatred and without offence to any one, both from the animals especially the Lions and Bears that could eat up humans and other animals alike.


Thus God knows how to protect and provide for everyone what he or she needs.  The Ark of Noah was a means of ‘’Salvation to Noah and his family and even the animals and birds’’ when the first world was destroyed.  And since nothing was said concerning their feeding, it meant that God removed hunger both from the Beasts, the birds and even from Noah and his family.  No one was hungry till after the period, even the birds and all animals in the Ark. If it happened like that on earth, how do you think it will be in heaven where God has promised us together? 



The Ark of Noah represented the Godhead or GOD. This will surprise you. What do I mean by this? I mean that the Ark of Noah represented God and all his programs of scripture.  This was hidden from us in time past but today it has pleased him (GOD) to open up this mystery just to enlighten our eyes to the Bible. Follow me now to discover the mystery of the Ark of Noah and convince yourself with it in relation to the programs of the Bible.



This was the part of the Ark which was on the ground, i.e ‘’the ground floor’’ called ‘’LOWER’’. This division represented the Father and all his works, from the beginning of creation of the world to the end of this division which ended with Babylon, in the book of Malachi as you will discover in the topic.  From Adam in the beginning of the world to the captivity of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was in the Ark.

Yes, you know and believe that the book of Malachi was the end of the Old Testament, but wait. Could you help me in answering this question? ‘’What was the reason the Old Testament had to stop with the book of Malachi’’? This would even add salt to our fine stuff and make it more delicious and desirable. Was it a design or a coincidence? Make an attempt to answer this question, just try. Do you know that many Christians believe that it was just the end of the Old Testament and that’s all about it, no.


If you are unable to answer the question, I demand that you look at the Ark itself and discover your answer. If you are unable still, let me help you now. If you could remember, the book of Malachi ended with the Babylonia Empire or kingdom. It was there the Father ended his work, or the father’s Division stopped, surprised? All the people who worked with God or who worked with the father, i.e. all the prophets, the kings etc which you could remember, their works ended with Babylon according to Jeremiah’s prophecy 25:11-12. That’s where the father’s division stopped.  Remember that this prophecy of Jeremiah brought Daniel and his brothers to Babylon. He even studied Jeremiah’s book in the kingdom of Persia to know why they were still in captivity to the Persian Empire after Babylon Dan. 9:1-2.


And while he was studying Jeremiah’s book, Angel Gabriel came to give him skill and to educate him properly on his vision and the matter. What was his vision and the matter? It was the vision which he interpreted to the king Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel after interpreting the first dream of the king and vision forgot that they shall be in Babylon and shall also go into Persia from that dream. So the Angel told him to consider the vision and the matter, i.e why it lingered still to the Persian Empire.  The dream revealed four kingdoms and only two had come and two were remaining to come. The Angel told him that Greece would come after Persia Dan. 10:20. And the last kingdom would be Iron, see Dan.2:40.   


You will read it well in my book of Rapture titled, ‘’Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future’’ written by me, an eBook. Obtain it from Google, just type the keyword or that title into your browser and ask Google and they will display it, “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future’’.  And click on purchase, you will see a form, follow their instructions.


Again, looking at the Ark, you will discover Babylon ending the LOWER division of the Father. I told you that this division or partition had no door or window. Reason: this division went inside the flood, so there was no door or window here. Now for you to be sure of this truth, Prophet Daniel had this to say to Belshazzar, who was the last Babylonia king, at the interpretation of the hand writing on the wall. Because he insulted God by using his vessels which were brought into Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, who was his grandfather during his first invasion of Jerusalem in drinking wine with his lords, wives and concubines. Belshazzar was informed that his Babylonia kingdom had ended.


That was the action which brought Babylon to the end of its reign as ‘’the third world power’’. Daniel said to him, ’’God had numbered thy kingdom and finished it’’ Dan. 5:26, which kingdom, the Babylonia kingdom. This meant that the Babylonia kingdom had come to an end in the days of Belshazzar.  The Bible said he was assassinated the same night Dan. 5:30. After this assassination, the Father’s last word here was to command Cyrus who killed Belshazzar ‘’to restore and rebuild Jerusalem’’ Dan. 9:25. To this end, Cyrus had to put it in writing for documentary purposes to the world 2Chron. 36:22-23; Ezra. 1:1-4. Remember that Daniel was already in Babylon and he also recorded it in Dan.9:24-25.



It could be recalled that the Son of God was invited to see what the Lion king of Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar) was doing to the three Hebrew boys, which were 1. Hananiah 2. Mishael and 3. Azariah. And they surnamed and changed their names in accordance with their tradition and custom.  Hananiah for Shedrach, Mishael for Meshack and Azariah for Abednego.  The Son of God delivered them from that fire before his eye in accordance to their confessions Dan. 3:16-18, 24-25. After the Babylonia kingdom, the Father handed over to the ‘’SECOND’’ division of the Ark which belonged to the Son Jon. 5:20-21.


In these scriptures Jesus confirmed that ‘’the father had committed all manner of judgment unto the Son’’. The word ‘’committed’’ is past tense of ‘’commit’’ and commit is a verb which shows (action) a means of ‘’handing over’’ to the Son. You will agree with me that there was a period of silence in the Bible before the coming of Jesus. That period caused the demarcation between the New and the Old Testaments, and there was no standing prophet, even though Zechariah and Haggai were in Babylon in that captivity.  


Here ended the father’s division in the book of Malachi. The records did not go  straight or serial in the Bible because of many attacks on the scriptures. These attacks came from Jehoiakim, who was a king of Judah, when he wanted to kill Jeremiah because of his prophecy, but the record was straight in the Ark of Noah, so do not get confused. You could as well demand on ‘’why did the Father Stop talking immediately after the Babylonian kingdom’’? Or did the Father actually stop talking immediately after the Babylonia kingdom? The answer is a capital or a resounding YES. That was the reason of the gap between the two Testaments. Do you think the gap was just a design? No. How? It was the reason there existed a period of silence when the Father talked to no prophet, why? This part of the Ark was not within his division to talk, but the Son’s, watch the Ark again.  And it was not yet time for Jesus coming, therefore these years were about 490 years of silence between the book of Malachi and the book of Mathew in the New Testament. In other words this   period is even called ‘’Daniel’s seventy weeks’’ explained in the book of Rapture from this author.



Are you now observing that after the book of Malachi where the father ended his works, the next in line was the Son, but starting literally in the books of Mathew and Luke officially. He was working spiritually in the Persian kingdom or Empire.


This second division of the Ark (first floor in the modern day) which belonged to Jesus as the second member of the Godhead Col. 1:19; 2:9, did not start with the book of Mathew, no. His own division or partition in the Ark started with the Persian Kingdom or Empire, see the Ark. Here Darius I, II and III of the Medes ruled this kingdom but the owner was Cyrus of Persia. In this division Jesus was working from the realm of the Spirit before his official coming to take over from the Rome as a conqueror in the Roman kingdom Jon. 16:33. He was one of the conquerors of the world.


In this taking over, he had a double lead, i.e 1. He took over from the father to continue the programs of scripture. 2. He came into the world exactly in the Roman kingdom Lk. 2:11, when the fourth and terrible Beast of Rome Dan.7:7; Lk. 2:1-7 was on the throne. If you look closely on the Ark, you will discover that his own division started with the Persian kingdom. This is a very big and hidden mystery. Please obtain my eBook of Rapture in other to understand this topic more. Title: ‘’Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future’’. Persia and Mede otherwise called (Medo-Persia) was the fourth world power, read my book of Rapture. From the kingdom of Persia to Jesus’ official coming into the world, in the books of Mathew and Luke, a gap period of about 400 to 490 years had elapsed. It is also called ‘’the intertestamental Period’’ i.e. between the Testaments. A period in which God did not speak to any human being or to any prophet in history, because it was not within his Division to speak, see the Ark. 


Within this time the father did not speak to any one, it was a silent period in history. It was the time those Apocryphal books held by the Roman Catholics were written. The Canons rejected those books because they considered that they did not carry God’s mark of authority in them.  They do not have ‘’thus saith the Lord’’ in them and ‘’no Prophet of God with his authority’’ was seen in those books. People just decided to write and included them but the Lord guided the Canons with knowledge to search for his mark and they deleted them accordingly.


Thus those books were written by human concepts or ideologies, and they do not inspire any one. They contain stories which men devised and attached to the Bible, and they were fished out.  The Bible itself was under attack from many people and those attacks scattered the book from being serially arranged.

 This is true as the record did not go serial in the Bible because what should have been in Chapter one is now seen in Chapter 8 of many books of the Bible, and what should be seen in Chapter 9 is seen in Chapter one or two in the scriptures. The book of Jeremiah was a clean example of what I’m talking about.  Still those who are called by God are empowered to discover them all.


Of course after the first division came the second division in the same Ark of Noah. Look at the Ark again and discover that there was a staircase from the ground floor to the Second division from which Noah’s family and all animals entered into the Ark. No one jumps into a storey building but climbs into it through the staircase. This staircase was built from the ground floor or ‘’Lower’’ division to the first floor where there was a door for entrance into the Ark.


This means that there is no other Way or Door to Salvation other than through Jesus Christ Acts. 4:12. Any one or any people who reject his Lordship over their lives will live afterwards to regret it bye and bye. This is true as Jesus shall judge the world Jon. 5:22. Remember that the rich man who lived and insulted Poor Lazarus only believed the message of scripture in Hellfire LK.16, where there was no more chance or time for repentance or amendment. Let it not be your portion- in Jesus name-Amen. But I discovered with that rich man that everyone must either believe to be saved or believe later to regret like him. I believe according to the story that he was told that he would end up in Hellfire if he did not give his life to the savior here on earth, and he laughed the preacher/s to scorn.


He might have thought ‘’how would a rich man like himself go to Hell’’?  Let’s continue with the Ark of Noah. When I said that the Ark of Noah was the first Bible, you would have demanded for my head immediately, but for God’s intervention, let’s continue.  The only door for entrance into this Ark was set by the side of the Ark Gen.6:16.  Jesus while on earth claimed ‘’I am the Door’’ Jon.10:9. Now which door did he claim? Of course you will say ‘’Spiritual door’’, wrong.  He was talking about his position in the Ark of Noah. Are you sure? Yes! All the people and animals which entered through the door were saved during the flood.


Hear this, he continued, ‘’by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and he shall go in and out and find pasture’’, Jon. 10:9, is it so in your Bible? Another evidence of this teaching was that his side was opened up Jon. 19:34. After his death on the cross, a radical soldier threw a spear at his side and opened it. That opening has a spiritual connection with Salvation. This is in line with the door of the Ark which was set by the side. Every child of God enters into Christ through his side as Noah and his family entered through the side of the Ark where the door was set. There was no other door, and this refutes Salvation through any other source. Only those people who went in through the door came out and found pasture. Those who did not go in to the Ark were destroyed with the flood, and they had no pasture to find.


Listen all that entered into the Ark went in through the same door, and when they came out after the flood, they came out through the same door and began new life or find pasture, true or false?   Now, was the Ark the first Bible or not? See all the features of the Bible in the Ark of Noah. God has at last revealed this hidden truth to humanity, halleluiah.


Jesus in his teaching said, ‘’no man can come to me except my Father draw him, and I will save him’’ Jon.6:44-45. Look at the Ark again, all the animals and birds, including humans were living on earth or on the ‘’LOWER’’ Division which belonged to the father. It was the Father who drew all of them for Salvation and directed them to climb the staircase to the ‘’door’’ in other to be saved.  No one came by him or herself but by the father. Therefore the father was working and he is still working from downstairs and directing the people to the Division of the door for Salvation. Even till   now the father is still working and directing people to the Son and Jesus is still in the business of saving souls. Even at the time the father the Son was also working with him.  They are working together, i.e the three are working together. 


And those who were drawn by the father were all saved by the Second division during the flood, true or false?   Again, when Jesus claimed his position in the Ark and said ‘’I am the Door’’ Satan immediately claimed the window. Jesus replied him saying ‘’verily, verily I say unto you, he that enters not into the sheepfold through the door, but climbs some other way, is a thief and a Robber’’ Jon.10:1. No one jumps into a storey building from the ground but climbs the staircase into the house. But Satan would not obey such law because he is a spirit. So he goes into a high building without climbing the staircase. You will see what he did when we begin to explain the use of window. Window is the system of hijack from Satan. It is the world’s system believe it or not.


This calls for wisdom to understand what Jesus was saying here. He was using figures of speech in that statement and this in turn remove our eyes from the war going on spiritually. Of course, many of our people never knew that the kingdom of God is having a war with the kingdom of darkness, a war which began in heaven Rev. 12:7-9. This war is still on and will be on till the Church is taken from the earth. We will never live in harmony with the world and their system.


Satan claimed the window, and even from the time of Noah, Satan cheated him through the window of the Ark. Window therefore belong to Satan from the days of Noah till today, do you know about it? But we as the members of the Church belong to the Door not to window, you may not understand till we explain it. 

We shall talk about it in the next division, i.e the Third division or Partition where it first happened. And to fulfill the scriptures, window has been developed again in the time of the Holy Spirit. We are today living in the window age, true or false?


The division of Jesus which was the second in the Ark and from the Persian Empire ended in the book of John 19, but from John 20 to Acts.1 was the days of his resurrection and last instructions to the Apostles.  Then he ascended back to heaven and after 10 more days making it 50 days Lev.25:9-10, the Holy Spirit descended and took over from him, Praise the Lord. So Jesus finished his work in the Roman kingdom and declared it finished before his death.



The third storey was like the modern second floor in today’s building. This division belongs to the Holy Spirit. And this division started from the Roman kingdom or Empire to end the world. It will interest you to know that after 50 days as we said earlier, the Holy Spirit descended to take over from Jesus, and it happened exactly on the day of Pentecost, a feast of the people of Israel/Jews Acts. 2; Lev. 25:9-10. Do you still doubt the saying that the Ark of Noah was the first Bible when you are seeing all the features of the Bible displayed through the Ark? We shall continue to reveal the truths of scripture as the Lord grants us more open doors to this hidden side of the Bible. While the Holy Spirit is still in control in the world, he will not Rapture the Church but Jesus Acts. 1:9-11. Neither will the church be taken in ‘’a secret Rapture’’, why? Who shall fight with Antichrist? Again the Bible says ‘’all eyes shall see him’’ Rev.1:7, both believers in Christ and those who believe not in him Matt. 24:30. Jesus says ‘’they shall see the Son of man coming with power and great glory’’. He is coming with great power brother, he is coming with great power sister, and he will not take us with fear. The book of Rapture has the details.


From Acts. 2 to Revelation 22 and from Pentecost to today till tomorrow the Holy Spirit will have to be here and even immediately after the Rapture, he will still be something to do or to say in the word of God.

Now we were talking about window of the Ark. The window of the Ark belongs to the Holy Spirit, which Satan claimed, though he operated in it, see the Ark. The only window in the Ark was set at the ‘’third storey’’ or at the last floor, or third division of the Ark. The ground floor was without door or window and belonged to the Father. The Door belonged to the Son, but the window of the Ark belongs to the Holy Spirit, and this is the Bible in your hands.



 We have seen how the Ark was made or built with three divisions. Each division belongs to a member of the Godhead. So the third division of the Ark is remaining and the Holy has not operated in it or he has not done his own work. We may also   answer this question this way, ‘’that we believe in the three personalities of God’’, which are 1. the father. 2. the Son and 3. the Holy Spirit. We believe that the three are one according to IJon.5:7-8. Therefore the only window of the Ark was fixed at the third storey, or at the third floor of the Ark. It belonged to him (Spirit) observe this in the Ark.


We are at the window presently, and Satan had earlier claimed it as we said earlier. Now follow us as we explain the issue at the window of the Ark.  When the waters began to dry from the earth, and Noah could not see the position of the waters again, remember that the Ark rested on mount Ararat, he decided to send out a bird, ‘’a Raven’’ so it could bring to him information if the earth was dry from the earth Gen. 8:6-7. He opened the window of the Ark and sent out this bird ‘’a Raven’’ to go down and see if the waters had dried from the earth and to come up again with the information. Satan hijacked this bird immediately it was sent out from the window, and it continued to fly endlessly over the air.  It did not come back to Noah again and he was disappointed Gen.8:7, what happened?


The bird was hijacked as it was sent out from the window by Noah. Then Noah decided to change the Raven, this time he sent out ‘’the Dove’’ Gen. 8:8. This particular incident introduced the window we are talking about.

The Dove went out but could not see where to perch because the waters had not reached to the top of trees or mountains, she came back to Noah and he pulled her into the Ark again Gen.8:9. Noah stayed in the Ark another seven days before he sent out the Dove again. This time the bird came back in the evening with a new sprouted leave in her mouth which informed Noah that the earth was dry from the earth Gen.8:10-11.

But he remained another seven days and sent out the Dove again.  In this trial the Dove did not come back to him any more Gen.8:12 and he remained yet another seven days. This time the Lord called on him to go down and he came down with his family, even with all the animals and birds. And they started a new life without his extended family members, or friends Gen.8:13-15; as Jesus taught in Jon. 10:9. 



You may not have known it this way before, and you are surprised about what happened at the Ark as far back as the time of Noah. This program had been on in the world, even the war of kingdom verses kingdom. So at the time of the Spirit, the window issue came up again. Today window is back in the world, not in the Ark again but in the world as ‘’computer terminology’’, yet the features are the same. In this computer terminology, there is Dors but it is not relevant like window, just as the door or the Ark did not make any sense to the world.

If you read the book of Rapture from me, these things are explained from the book of Genesis to Revelation. Rapture itself is a program of heaven, it didn’t just start, and there was Rapture in the book of Genesis where Enoch was the first person to be taken up from the earth in Rapture.


Many of our people and even our teachers do not see these things because they are not called along this direction in their ministries. But I’m seeing and saying it because I’m called specially as an end time minister. The Lord is showing me special events and programs that shall lead the Church to the end of time in the world. Your duty is to take it as it is revealed from the Lord. Window today is known as ‘’computer terminology’’ which results in handsets, computer, satellite, internet etc. Yet it is still the same system of hijack from the window of the Ark of Noah. Please obtain the book of Rapture titled ‘’Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future’’. This book is loaded with information and it is inspiring at the same time.

Just type the keyword to Google and they shall display the book to you. Click on purchase and a form will appear to you, type all your information and pay a little token and download the file into your device. It’s an eBook with information and I’m sure it will inspire you greatly. Obtain it from ‘’’’; or from all bookstores worldwide even from the publisher westbowpress, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan USA. This book explained how the Ark of Noah had passed with Old Raptures like the one of Enoch and Elijah. We have Rapture present and the one we are all expecting in the Future. This book explains what window will do before the actual time of Rapture. You may say window is only online and Offline systems of digital practices etc, it’s not only that, it has more to offer.


You haven’t heard about what window stands for in God’s programs. We all are making our business/s online and Offline. The Bible says you shall know the truth and it shall make you free. Window is world’s system which shall in turn be against the saints at the proper time of the great tribulation, just remember this. Window was introduced again in the world since 1900s, which is in line with the appearance of the last days. The last days was in prophecy from Jacob who was surnamed Israel. He prophesied about the last days in connection with his children, a prophecy which came to pass in 1948, Israel became a nation in the last days, read Gen.49:1-2. Let me repeat it to you that nothing is happening ordinarily, all events have their connection from the maker of this world. And everything you see in the Bible and in the world is in his programs. Yes whether they are negative or positive they are his.


Window has something to do with ‘’Balances’’ in the third seal, and in it the ATM is involved, the master cards and the credit cards etc. Satan will use these cards to do the hijack from the saints. Read the book of Rapture, it is loaded, it is inspiring, educative cum informative. The Bible had said that in those days, those who do not have the Mark of the Beast, the number of his name or the name of the Beast will not buy or sell. Find out how it will happen from the book of Rapture.


Window being the time of the Spirit as it was in the Ark will end the world in the last days where we are. But the time of its end is yet in the hands of the Lord to decide. As at now we are seeing the window in operation which is waiting for the actual time its major operators will surface.  Know this; whenever the Temple of Jerusalem is to be erected, you should understand that the last days are at its peak to end. Then the use of window will become more relevant. It is good now to inform the Church in time not to relax with window so much, because all the programs of the window will be against the Church and not against the world.


The building of the Temple of Jerusalem will be a great evidence to show everyone at that time that time is up. And that it remains 3 and half years for Rapture to take place. At this time the whole program will be against the saints of God, who shall refuse and reject the mark of the Beast, the name of the Beast and his numbers which is 666 etc. The true knowledge of this topic will greatly help the saints. You must know now that the mark of the Beast is not out yet, but the name of the beast is in the book of Rapture spelt out.


Only the saints and no other people could resist the Beast, and only the saints could reject the Mark of the Beast, the number of his name and the name of the Beast. These three things shall be used to code all products and business connections. No one shall be free except the saints with the real knowledge of this event. Many saints shall fall out of faith at this time according to Paul 2Thess.2:1-3. If you believe in Christ with this knowledge, you shall escape this event, but if you don’t believe in him, you have nothing to fear because you shall enjoy the program well with the mark, name and number and will buy and sell all your products.


Jesus said this event or program has not happened since the beginning of the world till that time, and it shall not happen again Matt.24:21. If you cannot trust the Lord and his sayings, then I’m afraid of you. Jesus is the owner of these programs and whatever he says concerning these events of the end is as it is for sure. You don’t have to argue it out or even believe your Pastor knows it more than him. All these events are recorded in the Ark before they were translated into the Bible as we read it today. It is the reason I said the Ark of Noah was the first Bible because all these features are seen in the Ark as well as the Bible, Praise the Lord!


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Many people out there in the world have not heard about Rapture, those who have heard about it do not understand what it really means. But Christians in the Church have heard of it, and some with the correct knowledge and others with erroneous view. Let me now sound it again in the form of a question, ‘’are you Rapture ready’’?  Do you have the relevant knowledge of Rapture? What do we mean by the word Rapture? Do not blame anyone if you take the wrong step at last.  The Lord is asking, ‘’when the Son of man shall come again, shall he find faith’’? Lk. 18:8.



Rapture is an end time message under ‘’eschatology’’. Now eschatology is a derivation of two Greek words

  1. “eschatos” meaning “last things or last events”.
  2. “Logos” meaning “study” “discourse” or “doctrine”. Therefore eschatology is a branch of theology concerned with the events of the last things or last days, and which shall lead us to the Rapture of the Church of Christ and to the end of the Church edge.

 The word “Rapture” is not in the Bible, but it is the ‘’Latin’’ translation of I Thess. 4:17, which is ‘’Rapturo’’ but in the Greek original it is ‘’Harpadzo’’. It means ‘’to take up’’ ‘’to grab’’. This was the word which Paul preached to the Church at Thessaloniki. Today Paul’s words have been misunderstood, misinterpreted and misapplied.  Some teachers have written and argued out of the real knowledge of what Paul taught the Church. These teachers are now preaching that the Church shall not see the Antichrist or experience the great tribulation.

This is an erroneous view, why?. At least one should preach what Jesus preached. One should preach what Apostle Paul preached. One should preach what Daniel preached and was referenced by Jesus in Matt. 24:15; Dan. 12:11.  We shall teach what Paul, Jesus and Daniel taught the people or the Church in their days.


Please read my eBook on Rapture with the title ‘’Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future’’. Just type this keyword into Google and they will display the book. Click on purchase and you will see a form, fill it out and download the file into your browser or device. No man shall give any excuse of ignorance about Rapture to God. Of course God does not take excuse from man. If I’m lying ask Adam, if God accepted his excuse that it was the woman he gave him who gave him the forbidden fruit and he ate it. Paul would also tell you the same thing Rom. 2:1 “that you are inexcusable Oh man”.


Jesus informed his disciples about when he shall come for Rapture, even though many Christians are denying it openly, that there is nothing as Rapture in the Bible, or about his second coming. This is actually disheartening to hear. He said to them, ‘’I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare the place, I will come again and take you to myself, that where I am, there you maybe also’’ Jon. 14:2-3. The question now is “do those who argue about his second coming believe his first coming”? If they do, then something wrong has crept inside their minds.


Although many people are arguing that the place he mentioned was not said to be heaven, but what we know and believe is that there shall be a lifting up. Whether it is in the air or in the spirit, there shall be a lifting up and I shall be a partaker of it in Jesus name Amen. We trust him to take us wherever he likes, and wherever he desires is good enough for us to be. The promise of taking us to himself cannot be annulled. This word is sure, so we are taking it very seriously. After all, the entire world cannot be saved. Some people shall be saved while others would not be saved.  So those who cannot be saved shall always refuse the possibility and the reality of those who shall be saved. We that believe to be taken to heaven believe that all that God says are possible. We don’t doubt Jesus at all. We trust and believe him like our father Abraham who went out of his father’s house just because he instructed him to do so.


Rapture is a known topic in the world today. It is even known to those who cannot be saved. It is believed by those who do not know it very well. And those who believe on it are seriously preparing themselves for it any moment from now, we are ready. But it is not and shall not be a secret thing, No. Before the Rapture occurs, Antichrist shall be in the world for a period of three and half years. The Clock that indicates Rapture in my book is expressing that it is six O’clock or the sixth seal when it shall be. Do you understand what I mean? Get the eBook for yourself and study it extensively in other to have the correct information of it.           


Read from my eBook about it in the seals 4-6. I said the present day seal is the third seal, where Israel was born in the last days, in 1948. The birth of the nation of Israel characterized the opening of the third seal. And the fourth seal shall be opened by the appearance of the Antichrist and that’s what we are waiting for as at now. If you read my book, you will understand it very well. Those who believe the other view find it hard to agree with me, but when they read my book, they agree easily. So the alert for Rapture is everywhere now, are you not feeling it?


Any Rapture message or view which does not go with the seal program shall not stand where my book is standing. Such book/s shall voluntarily bow out before my book. This is not just boasting, I’m telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The whole programs of God are on seals 2Tim.2:19. Apostle Paul informed Timothy that ‘’God’s foundations are on seal’’.  He further warned that those who call on the name of Jesus Christ should depart from iniquity or from sin’’ 2 Tim.2:19. He said that God knows his people, and this is true to the letter. Pastor James said “known to God are all his works from the beginning to the end. The signs which Jesus had given us as a sign of the end are nearly here with us. No one should blame God if such a one finds himself or herself in Hellfire. It is a place of torment, and there those who despised the word of God shall be serious.


Please brother, please sister, Jesus is coming again and his second coming is just at the doors. What are you waiting for? Do you know what shall happen when the last world power which is America collapses? Or do you think that America shall reign forever as the leader of the world? If you will take my word very seriously, she started ruling the world from 1945 till date. My book contains it and the next people according to the Bible which shall take leadership of the world from them are just around waiting for America’s collapse. Guess who? You may doubt it, but it’s Europe. If you read my book of Rapture, you will congratulate me. Enjoy the topic but if you have any question, contact me through my email address above. God bless. Joseph Azubuike .





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                                        Lk. 23:39-43.  

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On the day that Jesus was crucified, he was crucified along with two thieves, one on his right and one on his left. One of them began to insult him saying, “If you are the son of God, save yourself and us”. He said “if you are the son of God, save yourself and save us”. That’s to say, “you are here on the cross with us and still claims to be the son of God”? “Save yourself and also save us”. That was a great insult to the Lord, from one who committed a crime. But the other one began to rebuke his fellow man saying “why are you talking to him like that”? This man had not done anything (worthy of death), or anything at all to receive this crucifixion. But we are receiving or have received the reward due us”. He then called on the lord saying “Lord”,   remember me in your kingdom. Jesus there and then gave him the promise saying “Today shall thou be with me in Paradise”.



This thief got his own pardon on the cross and therefore gained his own opportunity on the cross, at the same time. Two of them were thieves but had different dispositions.  One in his disposition had the opportunity to consider why they were judged and condemned. And he used the opportunity that came to him wisely, by asking for forgiveness from the Lord and he was forgiven immediately. And he received Jesus as Lord. This means that what the book of Romans said is true, that “there is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Rom.8:1. The other thief had no time to consider anything.  He was asking   his savior, “are you sure you are the son of God? Save yourself and save us”. Even if Jesus was a confused person, could he save a sinner like that without remorse or repentance? The answer is no. The other one began to rebuke his neighbor saving, “why do you talk to him like that, we are suffering for what we have done, but this man is suffering for envy”. He then asked the Lord saying, “Lord, remember me in your kingdom”. It was there that Jesus promised him saying, “Today, shall thou be with me in Paradise” Lk.23:43. Though the thief did not come down from the cross, neither did Jesus also, for they all died that same day, but the thief secured his eternity before he died. They also went to Paradise the same day. This is incredibly true about Jesus Christ. He does not fail in his words. People need to believe on what we read from the Bible, than what our country President and Newspapers are saying. This man got himself into Paradise; no one shall ask him further questions as the King of kings forgave him.



People always say “Opportunity comes but once”. In this regard we may say it was true, but in the other way we say no to it. Those thieves were condemned as a result of what they did. Both of them had the opportunity to be saved if both had asked for mercy from the lord of glory, even though they would not be released from the tree. But only one was able to use the opportunity and he received mercy and pardon from the Lord. The other instead went on to jest on the lord because he was on the tree as himself. He may have thought that since Christ was also crucified along with them, maybe he was just like them.  Christ is the way, the truth and the life for all humanity Jon. 14:6. This man had that opportunity but lost it? This kind of opportunity does not repeat back. There are different kinds of opportunities. This kind comes only but once because he was on the tree, and would die from there.  This man was very foolish, in the sense that he was bragging under sin. He had no remorse for his guilt. People will die in their sins, not because they sinned much no, but because they failed to call on the name of the Lord who forgives sinners sins.  The Bible said “Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved” Rom. 10:9-10. One should call on this name with a heart of repentance, it works.  The thief on the cross tried it and got it there.


Did they not hear about Christ even before they were caught as a criminal? Yes, even as they decided to continue stealing. They were among those for whom Christ came? Jesus made it clear that he came to call sinners to repentance. When the Pharisees brought a woman who was caught red handed on the very act of adultery, this woman stood before the Lord expecting him to pronounce the law of Moses as desired by her accusers. But he decided to save the woman because 1. Those people who accused her were also sinners with the woman, so no sinner would judge another sinner. 2. It was the reason for his coming, to save sinners.  All those people (the Pharisees) were among the people he came to save, for he confessed that he came to save sinners. And all humans are sinners by nature Rom. 3:23. No one measured up to the glory of God. This glory was the condition Adam was enjoying before his fall. God used to come down and have fellowship with him, so says the scripture Gen. 3:8-9.


One of the thieves on the cross lost his opportunity to be saved from his savior who was by him on the cross. Maybe he thought within him saying, “since the so called savior was on the cross as himself, was there any difference”? He didn’t know that Cross pass cross. Even if he had whispered it that no man would hear it saying to him “Lord forgive me” Jesus would give him the same promise there.  So many people are like that, who shall come face to face with a good opportunity and they let it go. Don’t lose such opportunity as it comes to you in many ways, get saved today even now.



Many people shall go to Hellfire, not because of what they have done or the amount of sin they have committed, but because they chose not the savior who is ready to save them. There is no amount of sin that God cannot forgive. In the book of Isaiah 1:18-19 God said, “Though your sins are as crimson, something that symbolizes blood, they shall be as snow”. This means even if you have shed blood, he could cleanse and forgive it.  A man asked me in the cause of evangelism saying “shall God be able to forgive the number of sins I have committed”? He said it because he knew how many people he had killed. When I said yes, he doubted it. Others argue on their ability to believing what God says. This is a really a problem, when somebody argues God. And for this reason many people shall not be saved. Paul said “they believed not the truth that they might be saved” 2Thess. 2:10. People believe lies easily than the truth. Again others desire to pay for their sins than to trust God for his forgiveness. But the Bible concluded that no one shall be able to pay for his sins, all humans are to trust in Christ for Redemption. Surveying this earlier, Apostle John said “For God so loved the world (humans only) that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life” Jon. 3:16.


God does not require man to clean his way by himself no, but to come unto him who is waiting with open arms to forgive our sins or instead have forgiven our sins ie (Jesus). For this reason the prophet Isaiah said in his lifetime that “All our righteousness are like filthy rags before him” Isa. 64:6. The thief on the cross jested on Jesus as one would jest on his age mate or companion. He didn’t know that he was jesting with his Salvation. Thank God for the other one who was reasonable enough to understand how to plead for mercy with the least opportunity available to him.  The other thief was one of those who believe that “there are things God cannot do”. I even believe that if he had changed immediately with repentance and said “Lord, I’m sorry for that insult on you, forgive me”. The Lord would have responded by saying “It’s Alright, today also shall thou be with me in Paradise”.  Jesus is compassionate enough to forgive even the worst sinner.



 The Bible is coded with words like “cursed is he who is hung on the tree”. Here, Jesus was involved along with two other men. Since he was involved, those men had the opportunity to escape that curse, leaving it for him only to deal with. He knows how to discoed himself from the tree. Again there is unwritten law which was not given us. God uses these unwritten laws for himself only. There are written laws also given us. For example, since the Bible advocates that those who hang on the tree are cursed, God uses another powerful word to lose those who are involved. They shall call on the name of the Lord. It is written that “those who shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved” Rom. 10:9-10. This means whatever might be their offence, if they should repent with genuine spirit and call on this name, victory is sure. The people who shall call on this name of the Lord are mainly sinners, who shall run to him for safety. Of course he does not fail.



On a beautiful Sabbath morning, he was in the Temple teaching. The Pharisees had previously planned on how to trap him. And they planned that one of them would be having sexual affair with the notorious woman, for that was her business in town.  When their man had mounted on the woman as they planned, they broke into her room by force when their man was exactly on her. They took her up and left their man who was caught with her at the very point on the act. And as Jesus was teaching in the Temple, suddenly they dragged the woman into the Temple court and disrupted his teaching. And because of that noise, all eyes and attention went after the scene of the Pharisees with the woman.


They said “Master, this woman was taken on adultery, from the very act, and Moses commanded that such should be stone, what sayest thou”? Jon. 8:1-6. The Bible also recorded that they were trying to trap him. I also believe he knew about it.  He stooped down and began to write on the ground as though he did not hear them. They shouted again, “Master what sayest thou”? As if they loved him or wanted to respect him. Then Jesus lifted himself up and said to them “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her”. From here their consciences convicted all of them that they were sinners like the woman and they left her alone. To be continued…….. 






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                                                            BAPTISM MEANS BURIAL



DEFINITION: The word Baptism is derived from the Latin word “Baptizo” which means “to burry” or “to burry in water”. This word was applied to the concept of Baptism which was begun by John the Baptist, who was the forerunner for the ministry of Jesus Christ. And to confirm John in this idea Jesus submitted himself to John to be baptized. And when John asked him saying “are you coming to me, I have need to be baptized by you”. Jesus answered and said “suffer it to be so now, for it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness” Matt. 3:15. And with this statement John allowed him and also baptized him. This was to show that in the Church of Christ, baptism is one of the Doctrines of the church.


The actual meaning of baptism is burial. When John the Baptist was doing it, he did not do it in the house or go into the church to perform baptism. He went to the River Jordan where he was baptizing people, also where Jesus met him.  The practice of baptism at the river indicated that it was where baptism should be performed. Else they had houses from where this concept should have been performed. Or they should have taken waters in a basin or in cups and performed it in their houses or at the Temple then, because by that time, the Church of Christ have not been established. No baptism was performed in the house of anyone, neither were children baptized in the scriptures. The Apostle Peter said “no prophecy of the scriptures is of any private interpretation” 2Pet. 1:20. This means that no man should interpret the scriptures the way he likes, no. The Bible must be explained the way it was meant to be interpreted.

John the Baptist was dipping people into the river Jordan. He was not sprinkling water on people no. In other words, he was burying them and raising them at the same time. And the people who were baptized in the river were adults who were qualified for it.  No child was baptized by John or any Apostle or disciple of Christ. One wonders where those who are baptizing infants got their idea. Or do we say that they have their own God apart from our own God? If yes, they should have their own heaven also. Later this practice of baptism became one of the Doctrines of the church. It was performed by Apostle Peter to the family of Cornelius Acts 10. At this time the Church had been inaugurated in Jerusalem.  And it was taught by Saint Paul to the Romans Rom. 6:3-5, as well as to the Church at Colossi 2:12. All these baptisms were not done in the Churches neither in their houses. It is not performed on an individual who have not declared his obituary to the people. What I mean here?  Earlier I said that baptism is burial. With this concept one would actually declare that he is dead to sin to the people by his or her actions openly. It is a public declaration that you are dead to sin.


What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we that are dead to sin live any longer therein? Know you not that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus were baptized into his death? Therefore we buried with him by baptism into his death; that as like Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father, even so we also should walk in newness of life” Rom.6:1-4  Kjv.

What did Paul here? He was of the view that when we are baptized, we are buried by baptized into the death of Jesus Christ. No one who was buried was sprinkled with sand, no. Burial involves dipping the dead into the ground and such one shall be covered completely that no part of that person is seen again. This is the way burial takes place. So in baptism, we dip such person into the waters and he or she is covered completely before we raise him or her up again. But likened that dipping into the waters as into the grave. Also the raising of that person likened to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Then we may ask “where do those who do the negative get their idea? And Peter said “no prophecy of scripture is of any private interpretation”. Many Churches will have query to answer to God, why they changed God’s pattern of Doctrine on baptism.


At a time people were bringing their children to Jesus that he might touch them. But the disciples refused that these children might come to the Lord. When Jesus observed it he said “suffer the children to come to me, for of such belong the kingdom of God”.  He continued saying “if you will not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, you shall not enter therein, and he took them in his hands and blessed them” Mark. 10:13-16. Jesus blessed them, he did not baptize them. But today people use their own idea to baptize children for the kingdom. They also argue saying “what if they die young”? Jesus had already said “of such belong the kingdom of God”. It then means that if they die while young, they are going straight into the kingdom of God, period. This practice in effect is called “unbelief”. Yes, because they do not understand what Jesus said nor believe it. He is the head of the Church, so when we disobey him in any way, it is nothing but unbelief.

It is therefore ridiculous for a man and his wife, in fact the whole denomination to disbelieve the Lord, while thinking that they doing God a service. No part of the Bible contains infant Baptism. It was not among the doctrines of the church. And whenever men and women begins to do their own will, God leaves them alone, so that they might continue in their own method.  Else no one or group have the right to change the principles of God’s ordinance and go free. Prophet Daniel said the horn (Antichrist) shall think to change times and law” Dan.7:25. It is only the Beast that shall relax after altering God’s laws and be happy.

Paul queried “how shall we that are dead to sin live therein”? Rom. 6. If you see a dead man or woman, if you show him millions of Dollars, it means nothing to him. Show him a naked woman or a naked man, it means nothing to him or to her, why? Because he is dead and these things does not move him or her any more. This is what Paul meant. No one that is dead lives to enjoy these things again. And no one is buried while part of that is seen, it must be totally covered with sand. Likewise baptism takes the same form. Wherever baptism took place in the Bible, it was the same practice of Burial.


Let’s see some examples, to the Church at Clo.2:12, it was burial recommended. In Rom. 6:1-6 it was burial recommended by Apostle Paul himself. In Acts. 8 Evangelist   Philip baptized the Ethiopia Eunuch in the water, not with sprinkling of water. In Acts. 10 Apostle Peter baptized Cornelius and his house. Here, they asked “since Apostle Peter baptized the house of Cornelius, was there no child in his house”? The answer to this question is very clear. In my house as at now, at the time of writing this blog, I have no infant in my house. What if Cornelius was of my type with no infant”? Again, the bible recorded that while Peter was yet speaking, the Holy Ghost fell upon all the members of his house, and they (all) spoke with tongues” Acts.10. What this meant was that as Peter was speaking, they all opened their hearts to the Lord Jesus, and yielded their hearts and received the ministration of speaking of tongues from the Holy Spirit into their hearts. This was a great evidence to Peter that these people have been saved by the Lord as they were. On another day Peter used what happened in the house of Cornelius to testify in support to Apostle Paul in Jerusalem Acts.15. Paul at a time encountered people who taught the church that except the gentiles go according to the law of Moses, they would not be saved. Paul refused that teaching and went to the capital of the church at Jerusalem, and Peter supported him. What Peter said in support was that God showed by example at the house of Cornelius that he has accepted the gentiles as his people by granting them the Holy Ghost Acts. 10. With these evidences, we conclude that baptism means nothing but burial.  If you have any question yet, contact me directly at the email address below.      





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                    I WANT TO ENJOY MY HUSBAND.


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Mrs. Lucia Opus was curious about her husband's behavior. She had wished that her husband would love her like Mrs. Monica was loved by her husband. She would do everything possible to make her husband happy, but all to no avail. She taught, "Oh I'm dying for a true love". What day will I be loved by my husband? When shall my trouble end? But the trouble she faced was that another woman was controlling her husband outside their matrimonial home. Mr. Opus her husband would do everything to please his concubine outside, but only comes home to deal with his own wife.

 The most annoying aspect was that this man does not come home with his Salary. He was working as a Supervisor in an auto selling depot. Whenever he received his Salary he would drop it in the hands of his concubine and come back home empty handed. And when he comes back and there is no food, he will design his wife Lucia for failure to give him food. She dare not ask him about his Salary. Times without number Lucia would go hungry and Mr. Opus never cared at all. But Lucia on a day went to the Church where they wedded and informed their Priest about her plight. On a beautiful day their Priest invited Mr. Opus to his Parish. The Priest after rebuking the man that day, he reached home and handled his wife like how a Cat threats a mouse.

Reports had come to Lucia about the woman who was handling and confusing her husband. On a good day Lucia dressed up well and put shorts underneath her in case there was a fight. As if she knew that the woman was prepared to wait for Lucia. When she began to interrogate this woman about her relationship with her husband, the woman did not waste time to give Lucia a dirty slap on her face. In this case Lucia was a sportswoman, she returned to her the slap and turned to Judo war immediately, and that woman Ms. Fleks, a business Restaurant woman  was on the ground shouting for help.

As the woman was shouting on the ground, Lucia was also shouting saying "leave my husband for me, I want to enjoy my husband. Leave my husband for me, I want to enjoy my husband" The noise of the two women attracted people and neighbors around. When they came, Lucia was shouting leave my husband for me, I want to enjoy my husband".The noise even made Mr. Opus who was in one of the Rooms drinking to leave the cup of bear in his concubine's inner room to see what was the noise. When he came out, it was his wife and the Restaurant owner. And those people who were around began to point at him and to insult him for causing this problem. Then he observed that his wife had beaten his concubine mercilessly, it was the time his eyes cleared. He now begged his wife to forgive him.

Now his wife forgave him on the spot, but some people who knew the plight of his wife said. she shouldn't forgive him. Or that it would take some time before she should forgive him. If it were you what would you do? This is interactive. Please make your comment on this posts. Thank you and God bless.

Joseph Azubuike





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                                     PASTOR AND BISHOP WHICH IS GREATER?                                                                     




Some of the existing issues or problems which we need to correct as the Church today are the issues

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by Rome. One of these problems is on “Pastor and Bishop which is greater”? Evidently the Bible listed the fivefold ministry of the Church. This record is found in Eph. 4:11. It says “and he gave to some Apostles and to some to Prophets, and to some Evangelists, and to some Pastors and to some teachers”. There is nothing as Bishop/s in the fivefold ministry here. However the existence or the office of the Bishops in scripture was created by the apostles. We shall discuss about it later. But let us continue with the fivefold ministry of the Church. The Church according to Jesus was in total control of God’s business through the above mentioned offices.



The Apostles were the leading office of the Church, as we know that Peter the Apostle was made the head of others. He was asked to strengthen his brethren by the Lord. In fact, the Churches were planted by the Apostles in the early Century, about AD 25-90. You can understand how Apostle Paul planted many Churches in Ephesus, in Philipi, in Colosie and just to mention but a few. When they open up a Church they would plant a Pastor there to teach them. One clear example was Timothy who was ordained a Pastor to the Church at Ephesus. He was Pastoring the Church there and Paul told him not to allow anyone deride his youthful age. Another example of Pastor who was in charge of a church was Pastor Titus who was in Crete posted there by Apostle Paul Titus. 1:3-5. It was the duty of the Apostles to establish a Church and the


Pastors would drafted there to teach them. The Evangelists were field workers of the Church like Evangelist Philip who went to Samaria to preach when persecution broke out against the church at Jerusalem. At that time every office of the Church was active and none was dormant. Though in these offices, all of them were teachers to the Church. This does not rule out the office of the teachers, no. The Apostles in addition were teachers to the Church, like when the Bible said that Paul taught the Church, Peter taught the Church etc.



According to the Bible, the office of the Bishops was established at the instance of the Apostles. It was not in the fivefold ministry of the Church, so to say. The Apostles established the office of the Bishops to admonish the Church where there was no Pastor to handle the art of preaching and teaching the Church. The root word or the etymology of the word Bishop is derived from two words 1. From the Latin word “episcupus” and meaning “elder or Bishop”. 2. From the Greek word “episcopos”. These have one meaning “elder”. Therefore the word Bishop means an “Elder” of the church. Bishop in biblical context does not mean Pastor but elder. And according to the Apostles, the elders which were ordained in the Bible was to teach and to admonish the people where there was no Pastor, no teacher, no Evangelists, no Prophets or Apostles resident for that local church. The Bishops were accountable to the Pastors, and to the Apostles etc.


They did not rob any shoulder/s with the Pastors or the Apostles. In fact Apostle Paul instructed Titus to select men in his church who were to be ordained as elders or Bishops Titus.1:5. These elders were selected by the Pastor of a local Church, based on their good conduct and ability to perform one thing or the other to support and help the Pastor. But these day people select themselves and ordain themselves as Bishops, and they have usurped the authorities of the Pastors. What we see today is a clear shift of the scriptural bishops. And they are no longer under the Apostles how much more the Pastors. Today no Bishop has any time to listen to the Apostles who are the greatest in God’s settings. This will now inform you what I’m saying about the trend of things.



God’s settings in the Church were normal and properly organized until Rome entered into it. When Rome entered into the Church, the settings in the Church changed. Remember that Prophet Daniel prophesied that “the Beast or the horn shall think to Change times and Law” Dan.7:25. This was done as soon as Emperor Constantine the great took up the throne of Rome. It was this Emperor who stopped the killing of the Church by his Roman Predecessors. Yes what the former Emperors were doing was to fulfill the prophecy of Daniel, which said “the terrible Beast devoured and broke in pieces and stamped the residue with the feet of it Dan.7:7.


But when Constantine stopped the killing of the members of the Church, he inflicted another heavy wound on the same Church. He thought he was doing God a service, but instead, he carried ahead the programs of his master the Devil. It was Constantine who made the decree to stop “Sabbath day worship” to “Sunday worship” which was a service to “the Sun god”. Although before this decree to change the Sabbath to Sunday was made, he had already changed God’s system of ministers. He appointed a Bishop from Rome over the Pastors, the Apostles, and the fivefold ministry to be headed by Rome. This was where Rome came in as a part of the Church. But before this exercise was made the church had been over three hundred years in existence at Jerusalem etc. He made one of the Roman people a Bishop to oversee the Church of Christ, and those who opposed his decree were eliminated. Imagine when an idolater was appointed as the Pastor or Bishop over the church, what does the idolater know about the Church? After eliminating those who opposed this setup, they now claimed to be the first Church. This claim lasted over a thousand years and no one could make mention of the Church at Jerusalem again.



Considering that claim of the first church, we present these questions to the Bishops, the clergy and those who make the claim. 1. Who owns the Church? Answer- Jesus Christ 2. From which nation? Answer – from Israel 3. From which Continent? Answer- Asia 4. But who inaugurated the Church? Answer- the Holy Spirit 5. Where was it inaugurated? Answer- At Jerusalem (upper Room) 6. On which Occasion? Answer- the feast of Pentecost Acts. 2. 7. Does Rome celebrate feast of Pentecost? No 8. What’s the relationship between Rome and Israel at that time? Answer- Rome was the sixth world power which was ruling the world at that time, and they intruded into the affairs of the Church through prophecy. 9. Is it true that Apostle Peter established the Roman Church? Answer- No. 10. How was he used on this claim? Answer- Peter was even killed by Emperor Nero before the entrance of Rome into the church. It is therefore a false claim. 11. But why was his name used? Answer- It was only to deceive the people, and to cover their wickedness and to make them believe in their games.


But Biblical bishops were under the Pastors before Constantine elevated the Roman Bishop over the Church. This elevation lifted up the shoulders of the Roman Bishops and they derided and despised the Pastors and other officers of the Church. And since then the Roman Bishops have never respected any officer of the Church. They were highly lifted and are seen as “holy priests or even God, for that they were arrayed in Royal Robs”. But the Pastors of the Church were not and are not in Royal Robs. Now our own people, i.e “the Pastors” are now desiring and ordaining themselves like the Roman Bishops. We are envying the Roman setup, and following the footsteps of Rome over the Church of Christ as well. This is a wrong concept. Many people in the Church, especially those with ambition to be a minister of God, are now going to be installed Bishops in accordance to Roman specification.



Any Pastor who goes ahead to ordain himself as a Bishop has actually demoted himself to the position of an Elder of the Church. God has not changed his system or setup of the Church, no matter how you look at it. The Bible Bishops were only elders of the Church. They are not Pastors, nor greater than the Pastors. So the Pastors are greater than the Bishops. Send your suggestion and we shall discuss it. Use my emails at the top of the page, thank you.

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